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#3296083 Tamagotchi 4U Growth & Character Chart

Posted by Tama-Star_Girl on 19 October 2014 - 03:31 AM


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#3124574 you know you're obsessed when...

Posted by PoesRaven on 20 November 2011 - 04:29 AM

When you talk to them
kiss them good night
sit them around you when you watch your shows
gain the nickname tama mama [or dada for the men ;) ]
talk tamas with your family and show off that cute character you got
their beeps are sometimes more effective than your alarm clock and could probably wake you from a coma
hold contests with your tamas, the ones that win get a special spot on your person when you go on trips [so they can see the world the rest stay in your pocket]
you keep them in your hoodie pocket when it is cold out so they are warm
name them after characters from your favorite shows or characters you have created
save up for tamagotchis all the time and get them in the order of your most wanted, going into in depth research, to decide which ones they will be [getting them all eventually of course]
the most effective way to get you to talk is by taking your tamagotchi away from you
if you take a nap you set your tamagotchis next to your pillow in case they beep for you

in case you don't notice... I am guilty of all... I am a sad excuse for an adult v_v
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#3173938 Tamagotchi L.I.F.E, New from Bandai

Posted by jasen221 on 06 July 2012 - 01:57 PM

My opinion on Tamagotchi L.I.F.E.:

Posted Image
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#3292272 Tamagotchi art

Posted by FerociousStrike on 14 September 2014 - 01:09 AM

I just got Coffretchi on my TF. I drew each stage:



It came out so pink.  :o

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#3286507 Tamagotchi Covers Save Lives! (Tamagotchi lives)

Posted by GotchiGuardian on 25 July 2014 - 09:31 AM

Okay so you all probably know that I purchased my second ID L at the weekend.

You should know.

You might know.

You... Could know?

Okay you know what. let's start again.



Hey everyone! I purchased my second iD L at the weekend! Used, amazing price, from the UK, and the best part is - IT CAME WITHIN TWO DAYS.

To whoever sold it to me (they're proooobably on TamaTalk) thanks so much for an awesome deal and fast shipping.



More to the point.

When I got my white iD L last year, the first thing I did was crochet a cover for it.

I couldn't do crochet, since the translated garbage books we had lying around the house just didn't make sense and frustrated me.

So I totally made up my own crochet.

I ended up with a knotted mess masterpiece with no gaps or holes anywhere.

It actually looked pretty cool. I did it in fluffy purple yarn (since I always wanted a purple iD L and thought a purple cover was the next best thing) and it fitted quite nicely to my new tamagotchi.

Little did I know that this simple woolen cover would save my tama's life.



I have this simply darling little baby brother who's one year old. He's becoming incredibly naughty and likes to toddle into my room and mess with my stuff. Last week he trundled to me, his cheeks stuffed with sweets, and in his hands a sweet packet which I'm sure I kept out of reach of children. It took me a great deal of chasing him round the house and trying to bribe him with something else before I got my soggy sweets back :(


But anyway.

The other day he decided to mess with my iD Ls.

I had put my purple cover on my purple iD L. It looked quite fetching! I left it on the piano that's next to my bed. Then I shut my bedroom door and went to research something on ye olde laptope.

What I was actually "researching" was inspiration for my new blank canvas I was working on.

I have a tiny room, you see, and it's barely big enough to fit a bed in it. It used to be my house's music room, hence the reason I keep bashing my feet up against the piano every time I get out of bed in the morning.


So I had my paints and canvas on my bed. I had an array of acrylics and a palette of water there too, much to Mom's justified annoyance.

So I looked up from my inspiration to behold my little brother beaming ear to ear, and walking towards me with a "I HAVE YOUR TAMAGOTCHIS, WHAT YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT???" look on his face.


Babies and tamas don't match. I can tell you that.

WATER and tamagotchis don't match. I. Can. Tell. You. That.


So I grabbed my iD Ls from his chubby little hands and suddenly realised

that my purple iD L

the one from my dreams

was soaked











I literally did scream. I whipped the cover from my iD L and dared to look at it again.

The cover was completely soaked.

The back of the iD L was completely dry.

My cover

had just


my dream iD Ls





My lack of crocheting skills had just actually come in handy! Just when I had actually learned to crochet properly!


I turned the tamagotchi over in my hand and looked at the screen.

My fruit-itchi salad bowl guy grinned at me reassuringly.

But in front of him


a whole layer of H20.

Water was seeping into the tamagotchi from the one place I hadn't covered. The screen.

This discovery resulted in another scream.

When I say scream.....


I rushed into our schoolroom and thrust my tamagotchis on the table.

Then I whipped off the back battery cover and tried to take out the batteries. If ever they leaked or got soaked I was in biiiig trouble.

I was racing against the clock now. How long would it take for the water to seep through to the circuit board? I didn't want to think about it.

I look one last look at my fruit guy and pulled the batteries out with one final lever. I'm sure he'd be willing to give up his life and short iD L progress if it meant his future generation  were saved.


After that I rushed back online and searched the forums on TamaTalk.


iD Ls. Taking them apart. It had to have been done before.


No results.


In anguish I rephrased my keywords.




Thank goodness for binary. WE LOVE YOU BINARY OKAY


He had taken apart an iD L before. Pfft, of course he had! Debugged it too by the looks of it. Whoa.


Through his pictures/reassurance, I carefully unscrewed and prised open my beloved tama.

This is for your own good, I thought as the circuit board began to come into view.


The cement/putty/thingy that holds the wires in place had me scared at one point. I thought it might be vital to the whole thing and one nudge would break my whole system.


I was that paranoid.

Funny, I'd taken apart like millions hyperbole duh of connection tamagotchis before, but taking apart this one was like taking apart my first. Really scary.


The back was kinda easy to take off. Schwiiing, I was careful not to separate it too much from the circuit board.


After the circuit board came away, whew, I can still hear my sigh of relief. In my paranoid brain I was expecting some complicated colour screen thing, but no, just the familiar black screen came into view.


And then... The front!

And the water. Eek!


The time I had spent Tamatalking was precious. The water looked as if it'd kinda soaked the actual screen. But I pushed aside my panic and ran to get some cotton wool.


The cotton wool... Failed.


In my paranoid panic I had forgotten the first rule about cleaning electronics: neverrr use... Um what's the word... Things... Like tissue.... That shed... Things... Fibres...  Yep, never use them.


So as I started working away at this damp screen, I noticed that some cotton fibres were sticking to the screen.

And I had a little panic because like





Omigosh that’s the word! Lint. Lint. Is it? Tissue and cottonwool contain lint? I don’t know. Anyway.

I had on a lint-free shirt at the time, so after desperately scraping cotton off the sticky edge of the screen with my screwdriver, I used my shirt to dust off the lint.

Then, I balanced the buttons on the shell and squeezed the tamagotchi circuit board to the shell.

Had I fixed it? Was my tama water-damaged forever? Only time would give the answers I searched for, so I resolved to waste as little as possible.


Putting the tamagotchi back together proved rather difficult.

It got stuck. I screwed back the circuit board and found that the sound/battery wires bulged out of the sides when I tried to press the back together.


Crisis! Should I shove the wires back in, or… Wait?


Yeah, like I’m going to wait 6 hours till my technical Dad comes home when my tamagotchi’s destiny is on the line. Pfft.


As carefully as I could I placed the wired back into the shell. The plastic still wouldn’t come together all that flatly, but after some screwing (and trial and error) I had my tamagotchi reassembled and ready for testing.

With trembling hands (mm I may be exaggerating just a tiny bit) I put the batteries back into their compartments.


THE SOUND WAS ON! That was a start! I hadn’t damaged the wires by shoving laying them down in the shell! Good sign!


Slowly I rotated the tamagotchi, where the screen had sprung back to life and the two “Download/Reset” buttons appeared.

I selected “download”.......


And who should appear but the smiling face of Mr Fruitysaladchi!


I couldn’t believe it

And I still can’t describe the utter relief I felt.

Can you imagine if I hadn’t have “crocheted” that cover for my white iD L? The water would have gone straight into the battery compartment, probably straight into the circuit board, and cleaning the screen with a scrappy lint cotton wool ball certainly wouldn’t cure it of its ailment.


I just.


What a trauma.




I hope you actually enjoyed reading this little anecdote of my life, and that you come to know that

Tamagotchi Covers Save Lives! Make them, sell them, buy them - just do whatever it takes to protect your tamagotchis!

Oh yes, and make sure you keep out of reach of children and pets and... People.



(I actually deserve some sort of medal. Like, I think I'm gonna be putting on my signature something like “I TOOK APART AN ID L, I CAN TAKE APART ANYTHING!”. I mean honestly, if you’re one of those people who question everything, don’t be… Offended. I’m not exactly going to take apart a Macbook Air Pro or whatever the latest gadget is these days, but the iD L is close enough for me).




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Posted by Admin on 07 February 2014 - 12:15 PM

All topics in the new TamaTalk Logs forum will be clearly marked: 
If a member's log shows NO COMMENTS it means "do not post in my personal log" - please respect their request. 

  • We don't want to see "I know it says NO COMMENTS, but I just had to ask you this,... etc."
  • If you have a question or comment, use the PM system to send them a message. 

If a member's log shows COMMENTS OK it means "you can post comments / ask questions in my personal log", however, please do not:

  • post rude or argumentative replies in another member's log - respect TamaTalk site rules and keep comments friendly, respectful and positive towards everyone
  • ask questions that could be more easily (and more usefully) be posted in What Happened To My Tamagotchi or Help for New Tamagotchi Owners forums
  • post comments so often that the personal log becomes a discussion topic or chat room where there are more posts made by others than the member who is running the log
  • spam a member's log with emoticons or one word comments like "Cool! :D " / "Interesting!" - we have the "Like" button for those kinds of responses - please use it

If you are running a log with the COMMENTS OK tag please remember that naming and shaming or attention seeking behaviour is against TamaTalk site rules. 
We don't want to see:

  • "Everyone must hate my log, no one ever posts comments" or "Please tell me what you think! I'll only post more if people like it!"
  • "Post questions here about this version" - We have the TamaTalk Help forums for those kinds of questions
  • "Come to me for questions/answers" - TamaTalk Help forums! :)

As always, if you are having problems with unwanted comments in your log topic, do not start arguing or flaming. 
You can report any post by clicking the small yellow  :excl:  REPORT button in each reply box and one of the TamaGuides will deal with the report.

If (after a trial period) you change your mind and want to switch from COMMENTS OK back to NO COMMENTS (or vice versa) please use the REPORT button and the TamaGuides will deal with the report (this is not an invitation to change your mind on a random basis and ask to switch back and forth) ;) 

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#3144438 TamaTalk's logo: Which do you like better?

Posted by TamaMum on 11 February 2012 - 07:38 AM

oh nononononono... dont change it..
tbh, ill probably quit by then.
youve changed a bit too much for my liking.

That's a real shame. It sounds like you are saying you would quit TamaTalk because the design of the logo changed and because we upgraded the site's software (the original software we ran was ancient and VERY vulnerable to being hacked because it wasn't being updated for security). O-o

I know it can be hard to adjust to changes especially when you liked the site exactly the way it was before, but try to think about all the members you've met and got to know, the different info you find useful here - not just about tamas - and the help / friendship you yourself bring to TamaTalk when you visit. Don't forget that others will probably miss you if you quit! Seems such a shame to threaten to quit over a logo design...
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#3182824 How to transfer downloads using USB to IrDA (Pictures)

Posted by TamaTamatchi on 24 August 2012 - 11:15 AM

Hello everybody. Today I would like to explain step by step on how to transfer files from your computer to your iD L by just using a USB to IrDA. There might be a topic on this but people are still very confused and most people say they take very long. Mine is with pictures and I explain it more clearly and step by step. Anyways, lets get onto the tutorial!

Step 1

Posted Image

Please insert your USB to IrDA into your computer. When doing this, it should pop up saying "Downloading USB into computer" onto your computer. Do NOT connect your Tamagotchi right away, wait until it has finished downloading. After you've completed all of this, your ready for step 2.

Step 2

Posted ImagePosted Image

After the USB cable has been downloaded you could now connect your Tamagotchi iD L to the computer. Go to the 5th icon and select the 4 option (translate means downloads). Connect it to your USB to IrDA. Be sure that the connection is straight together or it will take longer than your expecting (it shouldn't take you longer than 1 connection). After you've completed this, you're ready for step 3.

Step 3
Posted Image ------->
Posted Image

Keep connecting until an app appears on your computer. It should say "Send files to another computer" click on that app before it goes away. Do not send the file right away! It will corrupt the system and it will freeze! Find the file you want to send, connect your iD L again. and straight away when it say "TMGC is in Range" you double click the file right away or it will freeze.

Enjoy! :)

- TamaTamatchi
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#3169239 Tamagotchi L.I.F.E, New from Bandai

Posted by graficks on 14 June 2012 - 11:11 AM

I could say I'm disappointed with the launch of the new Tamagotchi LIFE brand, or I could rag on about how I think Bandai is making a colossal mistake - but I won't.

I won't because I am not in the least surprised that Bandai took this approach with their North American branch of Tamagotchi. After poor sales, lack of interest and advancing technology, it was time for a complete product refresh. (whether we like it or not) I'm not trying to justify their new approach, but given the tech-hungry consumer industry here in North America, I believe a colour screen, feature rich Tamagotchi priced at $60-80 would have done poorly regardless. The toy industry is so radically different here than it is in Japan. In fact, more folks are interested in playing $0.99 cent apps rather than investing larger amounts of $$$ in a quality toy that provides unique gameplay. The toy industry is changing rapidly and I think Bandai found themselves at a crossroads with this brand. "Are North Americans going to eat up another release of a Tamagotchi (let's be honest, the brand was becoming exhausted after the Music Star and TamaGo) or should we approach this differently?"

I don't know who or how Bandai gathered their market research to initiate a re-brand of Tamagotchi in this direction, but it makes sense to me. No, I'm not happy with the direction they're taking, but from a business licensing perspective they need to reinvent themselves to keep current. 20-29 year old females are BIG MONEY spenders. Can they tap in on that audience? I'm not sure. Most companies just "follow the money". Business will be business. (not that I agree with this model or anything)

With all of this speculation aside, I still love Tamagotchi. I love my vintages, my Connection series and my ID L's. I love every one of these little plastic eggs just the same (OK, maybe my white ID L just a little more than the others). And while I'm disappointed that I won't see a new North American release any time soon, I'm going to cherish what I have - because I'm not going to waste my precious time hating on Bandai for making to what I perceive as a mistake. They can go ahead and make girly clothing and bath soap. I'm still going to play and collect my Tamagotchis with the same fuzzy-feeling-excitement I had before this release was made public.

Whatever comes next for the Tamagotchi brand may or may not be great. But what we've got here and now are amazing communities full of life, support and great friends. We don't need a corporation to keep our spirits alive - we do it ourselves!
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#3151861 KONY 2012

Posted by Try Honesty on 11 March 2012 - 01:57 PM

Hold on, let me make a Facebook status about stopping Kony i'm sure that will help stop him!
Posted Image
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#3336140 Tamagotchi M!X Melody M!X version & Spacy M!X version Growth...

Posted by Tama-Star_Girl on 08 August 2016 - 07:25 AM



*Note, the official Tamagotchi M!X guide book will be out the 26th this month. The guide book will possibly reveal the requirements for growth.

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#3270382 New Release: Tamagotchi 4U (Sep. 27th)

Posted by Carol_tama on 03 April 2014 - 12:42 PM

I was just watching the first episode of the new anime, and this drew my attention:


1. It doesn't look like any existing Tamagotchi.
2. Why would they put a picture of a non-existing Tamagotchi in the anime, unless they were planning to release it?
3. Look at the bottom of the shell. Looks like they're going to allow us customize the front side of the shell, like in TamaGOs. :)

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#3316864 TamaTalk is 11 years old!

Posted by Admin on 15 June 2015 - 08:52 AM

June 15th is back and that means only one thing...


It's TamaTalk's birthday!


Yep.  That's right.  This wonderful community is officially 11 years old today.  I want to thank all of you for helping to keep this place alive and special.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would be able to say that a community I helped get started would still be alive and kicking 11 years later.  The credit for that longevity goes to all of you.  Thank you.  Thank you so much for coming back again and again...  Thank you for sharing your lives and your love of tamas with us.  Thanks for being a part of this little place.  :D


So...  What were YOU doing 11 years ago?

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#3285885 Tamagotchi Contest - Create a Post-Adult Form

Posted by PurplePyonkotchi00! on 19 July 2014 - 10:55 PM


Yaay I made something :D


Name: Snowy Moriritchi (so unoriginal lel)

Base Character: Moriritchi

How to obtain: You have to have snowy weather on your 4U 2 times with Moriritchi 


Notes: While I was thinking of possible post-adult forms for Moriritchi, my sister was filling an ice cube tray and that got me thinking about snow. And Moriritchi's hair/bun/ears/whatever reminded me of snowmen for some reason, then BAM Snowy Moriritchi

yaaay :D

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#3282878 Tamagotchi Friends ... Worst Version Yet?

Posted by Dragonboy on 26 June 2014 - 05:29 AM

The 'Tamagotchi Friends' -


Now, I've had my TF for roughly a week now, and my opinions of it have gone up and down, and for many reasons.


I was in my local Tesco some time last week, and I decided then I wanted a new Tamagotchi. I had just found my love for the old toys and thought it a great way to restart my Tama family by buying the newest model. This Tesco didn't sell them, so off I drove to the nearest superstore - Argos.


Flipping through their hefty catalog, eventually I settled on the page of electronic pets, and right in the corner, tucked away, was the TF. Instantly my heart sunk, but only a little. It warmed my heart that a decade later, this store still sold Tamagotchis, but at the same time I was sad at how much room the pictures didn't take up. It was like they were no longer important.


Drilling in its 7 digit number into a small machine, I was relieved to see they had three in stock, probably of various colours. What shocked me the most? It cost £25.00. That's a whole £13.00 more expensive than they were when I was small. Or more, even!


Needless to say my drive to own one of these things was crazy, so I went ahead and bought one. I wasn't given a choice of colours, and got given the purple gem one. I opened the velcro cover and stared at it as I walked slowly back to my car.


It was ugly.


No, seriously. It was massive, thick, with cheap looking colours. Like someone had coloured it in sharpie.


It was like the guys who came up with the design forgot their original ideas. These little things were made for pockets, and this thing would never fit into a 10 year olds trousers, shirt or coat.


I got home, sat on the sofa with my 14 year old sister, who started talking about Tamagotchi's herself, and how she was 7 when she played with them. (She's four years younger than me)


After opening up the garish looking pet, I took the back off, only to discover it no longer took 3v batteries. I suppose it was a good thing, since they were a pain to get hold of in my area. After putting different batteries in (since it didn't come with any) the thing groggily burst to life, and my heart sunk even more.


I've never heard such horrid sounds in my life. It's like it's little sound chip was being thrown into a blender over and over and then being force to bleat out some notes. If you compare the sounds this thing made to the v5, it makes the v5 sounds like 1000 singing angels and the TF sound like a dying cat. Literally. I always know when the TF needs me because all I can here is the out of tune, tinny sounds from the depths of my bag, which is where I find myself leaving it most of the time.


I don't know if it's just mine that has bad sounds, but it's an earache I'll tell you now. I feel that Bandai had so much possibility, especially with the technology we have these days. They could have made it amazing. There could be so many more features...






  • I'm sure it can take a hit
  • Pixel depth
  • New characters
  • There are some new features
  • Revival of original Tamagotchi games (♫ get)
  • Can change contrast



  • Poor sound quality
  • Poor paint quality
  • Too big for a normal pocket
  • Too much going on to be able to see Tama (contrast change does not help)
  • Infra-Red is no more, bump connection instead (AKA no backwards compatibility)


Now, just because I've slated so much about this device, that it means it's 100% bad, right?


Well, not exactly.. I mean, mine evolved into a rather strapping looking Mametchi, who calls me to him just to let me know he loves me, and it makes my heart ache to think he's stuck on such a poorly made bit of tech.




Looks      -_- 

Quality    -_- 

Content   :) 

Overall    :) 



:wub: Please don't slate my post/topic too much, I just needed to majorly vent my opinions 

on the Tamagotchi Friends. :wub: 


[edit- spelling mistakes]

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#3201317 Tamagotchi L.I.F.E, New from Bandai

Posted by ichiro.malfoy on 04 December 2012 - 09:28 AM

Guys just seriously trust me on this, if super important, you have to be more supportive! If we dont, who knows what will happen!

I hate to be rude, but I don't think you should be forcing your own opinions with the rest of the people who thinks otherwise.

As part of the non-L.i.f.e. crowd, I will tell you that we support Bandai in a way that we criticize its actions which we think does not cater to us fans. If we didn't support Bandai in the first place, why should we care? Why were we in this forum? What are we doing here, right? If we never really cared, we'll just let them do all the things they want, be it good or crappy and not waste time discussing things about it. But supporting does not only mean giving positive feedback, but giving negative feedback as well. This kind of information gives Bandai crucial information about what their customers REALLY want.

Yes, we get your point in supporting Bandai - and no one is forcing to you withdraw it. We respect and value your response. You should behave likewise. We are all entitled to our own opinions.

If Bandai America really does do something that interests us in the near future, I don't see any reason why we should not support it. After all, we're all here for that very reason.
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#3293366 Tamagotchi art

Posted by FerociousStrike on 24 September 2014 - 06:11 PM

Here's Painaputchi and Bokuhoshitchi by request. Sorry it took a little while. Also, I hope you don't mind that I drew two separate pics. They're perfectly square, so they're make good avatars if you so desire.  ^_^


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#3272136 Tamagotchi Friends Growth Chart

Posted by nataliems on 16 April 2014 - 11:48 PM

I made a growth chart based on my code dump!


growthchart-1024x1024.pngSome notes:

- I'm not exactly sure of everything that determines care, but feeding and playing with the Tamagotchi definitely do
- A Tamagotchi becomes social if you send or receive at least 10 SMS messages while the Tamagotchi is a teen
– A Tamagotchi becomes active if you play coin catch with it 10 times while it is a teenager (other games might also work)
- A Tamagotchi becomes gourmet if you feed it at least 15 meals while it is a teenager (I feel like this should only apply to meals that are purchased versus the default bread, but I can’t find anywhere this happens, so I suspect it works with the bread too).
- If you achieve more than one condition above, you get the personality for the first one you achieve. So once a personality is set, you can't change it.
- By "random" in the table, I mean random within the row for the care level

Full technical details are here: http://natashenka.ca...s-growth-chart/

I'd appreciate if everyone can try this out, and see if it's consistent with how their Tamagotchi Friends behaves!

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#3206081 Things to Know Before Buying a Tamagotchi Ps

Posted by dazzilitchigirl on 28 December 2012 - 09:13 AM

I did a topic like this with the iD L, except this one is for the Ps! It's just a quick guide for people who don't want to go through all the help topics on Tama-Zone.

The reason this is mainly for people who own an iD L is because I'm not going to include features that exist in any previous colour Tamagotchi. If the Ps is your first iD series Tamagotchi, you might want to look at Things to Know Before Buying an iD L before you read this topic.

One more thing - this won't contain every single detail about everything. It's only a short guide for people who haven't got the Ps yet. If you do choose to buy it, look at the bottom of the second page of this Tama-Zone topic for detailed information about it.

PRICE - Tamagotchi Ps are currently available on HobbyLink Japan here. They cost $50.17 USD (£31.24 GBP). Most people think that price is worth it, and it's roughly the same price as the other colour Tamas were shortly after release.

FEATURES - here is a list of all the features unique to the Tamagotchi Ps:
  • PARK JOBS. From 7AM to 10AM, adult characters can go to the park and work at a job for a few hours. There are four jobs, including working at the TamaDepa and TamaMori. The jobs pay 250GP per hour and you don't have to do anything while your Tama works. However, the character has to have shopped at a place a certain amount of times before it can work there.
  • PARK DATING. At a certain time (differs depending on character), adult characters can go to the park and find another character to date it. After a few dates the character will ask your character to marry it, and you can say yes or no. Like on the iD L, your character will get a baby and leave.
  • PAINT. You can go to the Paint shop to instantly change the colour of your toddler or teen character for free. Paint is sort of pointless, but it's fun trying colours for different characters. Paint can be washed off by making your character have a shower.
  • DAY-CARE AND SCHOOL.Toddler, teen and adult characters can attend day-care or school, depending on their age. Day-care costs 50GP per hour and takes care of your character for any length of time between 10AM to 3PM. School is free and opens from 7AM to 4PM.
  • PROFILE PAGE. Unlike other versions, the first icon used to display hunger/happiness etc. is also used to enter your own profile. You can enter such things as your gender, age, zodiac (star sign), hobby and ambition. The profile page is also used to set the time, sound and contrast, although the clock is viewed the usual way.
  • DECO PIERCE. I don't own this and it's not essential for the Tamagotchi, it's just an accessory of some sort. You can find more about it here.
  • PERSONALITY POINTS. There are several types of personality points, including Smart, Charismatic, Athletic and Fashionable. These determine which character you get and are obtained by eating certain food and using certain items.
If you have any questions, please ask on this topic but I may not know the answer since I've had my Ps for less than a week. Even so, all of this information should be correct, but if it's not, don't hesitate to tell me and I will change it as soon as I can!
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#3178242 Smile

Posted by Cave Johnson on 30 July 2012 - 11:55 PM

I run down the hall, but even as I turn into the kitchen this thing is waiting for me. Nothing makes any sense anymore, it's not physically possible for any living creature to be able to do this. Why am I even bothering to try and run? The doors are sealed anyway.

There's a point where enough is just enough. I realise I don't even care anymore. This thing seems to exist only to torment me, and over these last few days it's done a bloody good job of that. But enough is enough, if this thing thinks I'm going to go quitely, it's dead wrong. I raise my pistol once more and fire at that dark form again. This time, I don't stop, not until I've fired every bullet I have. Eight shots, nothing that size could survive this. But I know that it won't have done anything. I was wrong, it did do something, it made it worse. A lord and obnoxious voice fills my head. "THAT WAS A MISTAKE, ALIX". I scream as it lunges foward, showing its true face. I open my mouth in horror and disgust as I stare at it. It smiles. Suddenly, everything is :). I scream, but the :) doesn't stop. :) is everywhere. I try to claw my own eyes out, but I now realise nothing can possibly stop :). My own body begins to tear itself apart. My physical form dissolves under the gaze of :) .

My soul is torn from my body, and as it dies I enter a room. Completely nondescript. At first I think this is hell, but I quickly realise that this is something even worse, trapped deep within us all. I am alone, and as I look around I can only see one thing. :) :) :) :)

If you couldn't guess this is meant as a parody of some creepypastas. I know there are a few people who will jump on the "omg hes trollllllllllin" train but I'm aware of what trolling is and this isn't it sory buddy. It's meant to be amusing by being disturbingly bad, kbro? :)
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