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I'm gonna download this Tamagotchi game in my iTouch...could be fun ! :)
Sep 09 2011 03:47 AM
  • '/={3's Photo
    round the world? DONT. IT SUUUCKS
    Sep 15 2011 02:56 PM
  • Yattatchi14's Photo
    I love it!!
    Sep 20 2011 02:55 AM
  • MametchiBoyz's Photo
    starting : fun
    few minutes later : hmmmm...
    few hours later : sigh...
    next day : nah...
    Oct 01 2011 07:43 AM


Hey...yeah you. Do you have a music star ? Because you're gonna wanna see this http://musicstargen.site40.net/itemgen.php
Sep 09 2011 03:40 AM
  • Maddoxsmommy11's Photo
    I love it!! Now that I figured out what to do...lol
    Sep 19 2011 12:14 PM
  • GoldenStrings13's Photo
    I know that! All ya do is put ur username. everything in the username is in lowercase. the username from ur tama, that is. then you see how ur tama codes in the pc option in tama is seperated from the top and bottom? eg: 1234
    something lyk that in ur login code in tamagotchi. then in the item list u choose a number and choose which category that item belongs to. good luck!
    Sep 22 2011 03:11 AM
  • PurplePyonkotchi00!'s Photo
    It doesn't work at all for me :<
    I type in everything it tells me to, but when I click "submit",It says "Item password" and "your logout code is", and the rest of the screen is blank :?
    Dec 31 2012 02:55 PM

x.P O K E R F A C E → lovetchi3035

haha, no, I didn't draw it, it's by Grace Miceli
Sep 09 2011 03:38 AM


I just finished painting the Music Star pink ! :"> It looks real good, not to mention the surface. I really needed a steady hand to avoid rough parts. And, luckily, it paid off pretty well. :)
Sep 09 2011 03:22 AM

tamakisser → '/={3

lol thanks i love my user as well XD but it was a spur of the moment when i was a preteen lol
Sep 09 2011 02:49 AM

lovelatchi! → lovetchi3035

happy birthday! =)
Sep 09 2011 12:57 AM


Lol....... Grape fight.... xD
Sep 08 2011 11:20 PM
  • Peanut05's Photo
    *tosses grape*
    Sep 09 2011 01:36 AM
  • Orandatchi's Photo
    *tosses grapes at the ceiling*
    Sep 09 2011 07:54 PM
  • Peanut05's Photo
    *eats grape!* Wait a second...I hate grapes...
    Sep 11 2011 03:08 AM

Cave Johnson → Try Honesty

It's quite cold, for one.
Sep 08 2011 11:06 PM


i have school camp on monday, i get really carsickl really homesick, and i'm NOT looking forward to it -.-
Sep 08 2011 09:49 PM
  • SweetPea13's Photo
    aww...why not ? I think camping sounds fun, although it would be even awesome in the wilderness, telling ghost stories...gathered around a campfire...eating toasted marshmallows... :/. But I guess not everyone likes it. Good luck though!
    Sep 09 2011 03:54 AM
  • lovelatchi!'s Photo
    haha thanks!

    Sep 09 2011 05:30 PM


Just designed a new faceplate for my Tama-Go. Loving it!! :)
Sep 08 2011 09:17 PM
  • Peanut05's Photo
    Really? I need to make a new one. I sat on mine. I had taken it off and when I went looking for it I found it all crumpled. :/
    Sep 09 2011 01:37 AM
  • FullBlownWitch's Photo
    Oh noooo :( That's no good!! I am posting pictures of it today :)
    Sep 09 2011 04:02 AM

mimitchi ^o^

Getting distraught about my log. noone reads it, so whats the point in logging?
Sep 08 2011 09:04 PM
  • Peanut05's Photo
    I could read it!
    Sep 09 2011 01:37 AM
  • SweetPea13's Photo
    aw, I could read it it! actually it's kind of cool. not to mention you have TWO IDs! I've been DYING to get one of those! They're awesome! :DD For someone like you, you've got lots of tamas. LOLs. Anyways, I'm just a rookie. :)
    Sep 09 2011 03:57 AM
  • mimitchi ^o^'s Photo
    mimitchi ^o^
    ^^;; you guys dont have too.. e.e I dont want to force you guys to do it D:!
    Sep 09 2011 09:11 PM


TEA TIME!! (actual tea, not food) NUMNUMNUM. Heading to bed soon, long day tomorrow, more rearranging - all that good stuff.
Sep 08 2011 07:35 PM

SweetPea13 → desiraeisdesirae

change the background huh...well all you do is go to your profile>>edit profile(above profile)>>profile tab (because there are 4 tabs: settings, forum, profile and chat)>>profile customization>> then click choose file, choose a photo and tile it if you want, save your changes and your done! tnx for the compliment btw :>
Sep 08 2011 07:32 PM

desiraeisdesirae → SweetPea13

Your avatar is cute :3 I have a question, how do you customize the background of your profile?
Sep 08 2011 06:55 PM

FullBlownWitch → desiraeisdesirae

Oh buddy, that is amazing!! I should try and keep an eye out for the Rollerskates, be they in the website or the stores!!
Also, thank you :) I'm glad my log has you so hooked. The Tama-Go is fabulous, and I don't know why I ever gave it up in the first place. Thank you for the kind words<3
Sep 08 2011 06:51 PM