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  • sammylover2011's Photo
    What the heck is that!!!!!!!!!!
    Aug 09 2011 09:09 PM

CuteLilChibiTama<3 → purpurn

Gaves you a rep point for your comment on the "two new rules" in the suggestions thread :P
Aug 09 2011 08:50 PM

SailorRosette → LittleChocoWolf

Its commin' but I'm not sure how close she is going to look to one of the Bandai dolls.
Aug 09 2011 08:45 PM

LittleChocoWolf → SailorRosette

*Waves* Hey there! How is your sailor doll coming along? XD
Aug 09 2011 08:35 PM

Space Unicorn

Grounded for life. Yup, for life, I'll sneak on Tamachat every now and then. I for grounded for defending myself when I was called retarded by mum...so.... if she ungrounds me, I'll post here but I think I hear the door D: so bye untill who knows when
Aug 09 2011 08:20 PM
  • CuteLilChibiTama<3's Photo
    OMG thats horrible :( No one should EVER call ANYONE that word.....no matter WHO they they are, or who they THINK they are.....thats messed up.
    Aug 09 2011 08:41 PM
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    It`s Teri
    it's unfair to be grounded for life for defending yourself!
    Aug 09 2011 09:59 PM


Playing through Tales of Symphonia. Like a boss.
Aug 09 2011 08:17 PM
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    Man I wish there was a like button XD that reminds me. I should get around to playing Tales of Vesperia
    Aug 09 2011 08:36 PM

SailorRosette → LittleChocoWolf

Aug 09 2011 08:15 PM

LittleChocoWolf → nickkannel

I know I know! I have Rune Factory 2 and 1, but not 3. The graphics are about the same I think for all three games, but the Wii version is really nice looking and have good voice overs in cut scenes. You should look up some Let's Plays or Gameplays of Rune Factory Frontier and Oceans/Tides of Destiny
Aug 09 2011 08:06 PM

nickkannel → LittleChocoWolf

The first one was eh. The graphics were not that great. As if they tried to hard and it almost made it worse. The gameplay was okay. But it was hard over all, even the farming part. Everything took to long to get, and cost to much. Like you could barely do anything the whole spring season.
Aug 09 2011 07:57 PM

Violetchilluvr3 → tuma

Welcome to Tamatalk! :)
Aug 09 2011 07:51 PM

paislypuppy → memetchi <3

yup, Nintendo ftw! do you play SSBB by any chance?
Aug 09 2011 07:49 PM

paislypuppy → memetchi <3

Yup. Nintendo ftw!!!
Aug 09 2011 07:47 PM

paislypuppy → snickerpie

Ooh, which convention is it? 8D I was just at Otakon a few weeks ago.
Aug 09 2011 07:46 PM


Eeek! I'm so excited to get my Virtual Pet from Mallow Cup >u<
Aug 09 2011 07:32 PM