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kuchipatchi love

Ooh! My P1's on it's way up to my PO boxie! I can't wait... but then again, where in the name of Ichigotchi do you but LR44 batteries? I have NEVER seen them. Whoops.
Oct 26 2010 12:31 AM
  • SimplySophia's Photo
    I get mine at a Radio Shack closeish to my house. But if there isn't one in your area Ebay would be your best bet.
    Oct 26 2010 05:32 AM
  • memetchi7's Photo
    youve never heard of a P1 b4 Kuribotchi?? wow lolz, anyway kuchi yay for u!!!!

    Ur besties Mem
    Oct 27 2010 02:02 AM
  • Kuribotchi's Photo
    Nope, I meant the battery! XD
    Oct 30 2010 03:41 PM