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Added more crocheted cases to my ebay!! Also check out my selling thread. Will sell them there cheaper!!
Apr 17 2013 01:16 AM
  • oddsandendswithlove's Photo
    where is the selling thread? haha im gunna be a regular buyer <3
    May 07 2013 08:11 AM
  • oddsandendswithlove's Photo
    ok found it...i wanted to thank you for the crochet cases, i know i paid for them but i cant tell you how much i LOVE! having them on my tamagotchi's they look amazing!!!! i have the custom colored one(yellow.blue.green) on my yellow tamagotchi p's and its so pritty i didnt think it was possible to have the tamagotchi's look better than what they look but you made it happen! SUPER TALENTED and everyone should them! <3
    May 07 2013 09:02 PM