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Would involving the Dazzminatchi vs. Kurosantchi/Ikemen Mametchi war ruin my fan fiction? I'm thinking Anperotchi could meet one of the TamaTalk person-based characters at the park on the iD L she's in or something, and get involved somehow...
Apr 30 2013 01:35 PM
  • dazzilitchigirl's Photo
    But I'm attempting to make Anperotchi 3 a more serious kind of fan fiction than the Dazzminatchi war thing, which is decidedly not serious. I don't know...but whatever I think of, it will be posted tomorrow.
    Apr 30 2013 01:38 PM
  • Orandatchi's Photo
    that dazzmina war thing was fun
    Apr 30 2013 02:23 PM