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SugaryGoesRAWR → Stefan Bauwens

hii! if you don't mind me asking, who's your favourite homestuck character? o:
Jul 06 2013 04:44 PM
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    Stefan Bauwens
    Lol, I don't know if you saw my recent status update talking about me saying I was stopping reading homestuck. :P
    Anyway, if I still had to choose, I guess it would have chosen Rose or so. I haven't really though about that.
    Jul 07 2013 01:30 AM
  • SugaryGoesRAWR's Photo
    Ohh gosh I'm sorry, I didn't see it! o:
    Jul 08 2013 12:13 AM
  • Stefan Bauwens's Photo
    Stefan Bauwens
    Ah, it's not a problem.
    Jul 08 2013 08:05 AM