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I HAD TO TAKE THREE SHOTS TODAY AGGGGHHHH I'll play Homestuck that'll make me feel better.
Dec 08 2010 05:29 PM
  • mew0099's Photo
    Also I took the shots at school, then did Gym. Can't tell you how much typing hurts. D:

    Dec 08 2010 05:30 PM
  • B e t h y <3's Photo
    B e t h y <3
    Awh I'm sorry!
    I hate shots too- actually the nurses have to hold me down. xD
    Dec 08 2010 05:40 PM
  • mew0099's Photo
    Ooh, all I had to do was relax my arm...! HPV shot hurts so bad... I hate when the pain really sets in.
    Dec 08 2010 10:58 PM