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Psycho tamagotchi

Ive been expecting you for some time, sir Allow me to introduce myself Im the one who pulls on all the strings, son Youre lucky I dont kill you where you stand
Nov 14 2010 12:55 AM
  • Royal Ludroth's Photo
    Royal Ludroth
    *I've *time. *Sir, *allow *myself. *I'm *strings. *Son *You're *stand.

    Nov 14 2010 02:10 AM
  • Psycho tamagotchi's Photo
    Psycho tamagotchi
    What? :P
    Nov 14 2010 04:26 AM
  • Kunoitchi777's Photo
    Royal Ludroth merely corrected the grammatical errors in your status update, I think. ^_^
    Nov 16 2010 05:34 PM