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Well...he says I'm still going even though I threw up. He automatically said I'm faking it. So I need to find a way to actually make myself sick. No faking, I need a legit fever. I don't care if it comes with headaches or pain. It's better than being with my dad. So...any idea how to make myself sick? Preferrably a fever? No faking, no putting hot water in my mouth for the thermometer, I need to actually be sick. HELP.
Jan 30 2014 09:39 PM
  • tamatown123's Photo
    I think it wouldn't be very nice of us to tell you to get sick. The best way to go through your problems is to face them, and as hard as it is [as Kitt said] it's best to face it. That's all I have. :L
    Jan 31 2014 02:03 AM
  • TamaMum's Photo
    If it's really tough for you, you need to speak to professionals who can help - California Youth Crisis line: http://www.youthcrisisline.org/about.html
    Jan 31 2014 02:48 AM
  • Itsumo-nana's Photo
    Hurting yourself to avoid getting hurt isn't such a great idea :S
    Anyways... I used to make myself throw up all the time when I was a child, so I didn't have to eat things I didn't like (mushrooms, eggs..). Keep your mouth open without breathing for about a minute, you'll 'hicup' and that should be enough to convince him, seriously! If you keep your mouth open longer you'll throw up but that's quite painful :S
    Jan 31 2014 09:02 AM