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I just got finished giving two of my dogs a bath. My back now hurts. Why do all dogs hate baths?
Dec 18 2012 02:25 PM
  • SailorRosette's Photo
    When I had a dog... i would let him play in the hose water... When he was nice and wet, I would squirt soap on him and soak him some more... Then air dry outside.
    Dec 18 2012 02:29 PM
  • ciara683's Photo
    Because they think of it as a negative experience.. You should have made it grow on them as a positive experience with postivie reinforcement. Every dog i've ever had has loved baths.
    Dec 18 2012 03:27 PM
  • tamagotchialice's Photo
    lol..same thing happens to my dogs, but my cat is the OLNY ONE who LIKES baths. xD
    Dec 18 2012 03:57 PM