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wierd VPet related thing that happened. I have a broken Poo-Chi head. I popped batteries in and he still works. His eyes light up and he responds to petting. Wierd.
Jun 27 2011 02:10 PM
  • robodog's Photo
    I suspect foul play. It was probably a Meow-Chi. Probably jealous of Poo-Chi's obvious superiority. Either that or it did it because it was a cat and cats are just jerks that way.
    Jun 27 2011 02:57 PM
  • Inmyroomreb's Photo
    An attack from a rival gang! I sense a drive-by in the near future... Meow-chi better watch it's back.
    Jun 27 2011 03:00 PM
  • robodog's Photo
    Considering that Poo-Chi can survive decapitation I'd think that picking a fight would be suicidal on Meow-Chi's part. But then not only are cats jerks but the robotic versions ain't that bright either.
    Jun 27 2011 03:05 PM