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Minecraft Addict

Haha. #1 problem I have being a teen. Random mood changes. I'm happy, lonely, sad, or joyful. Never know what I'll be xP
Jul 29 2013 09:10 PM
  • Eternal Mametchi Fan's Photo
    Eternal Mametchi Fan
    I know how you feel.
    Jul 29 2013 09:21 PM
  • Minecraft Addict's Photo
    Minecraft Addict
    Teenage boy or girl, it's always difficult. Hormones, social, future, etc. Always a fun time huh? Puberty is so troublesome now, but I know I'll like it later :P
    Jul 29 2013 10:12 PM
  • ForeverWaiting's Photo
    yeah it was/ is hard and nasty and I don't want to do it, but life sucks, and I get to do it all over again with my sister.... ugh
    Jul 29 2013 10:14 PM