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tamatown123 → Admin

Hi! I also realised that our Age and Birthday dates are not showing on our profiles anymore..Do you know why? Thanks! :)
Mar 26 2013 06:28 AM
  • dazzilitchigirl's Photo
    I've noticed that some people's are, and some aren't. It may be a childrens' privacy thing where they don't let under 13s show our birthdays.
    Mar 26 2013 12:58 PM
  • tamatown123's Photo
    Yeah. I think we should be able to see our age, but not birthdays.
    Mar 28 2013 01:05 AM
  • =^.^='s Photo
    No. It's to do with the fact that the birthday function isn't working. Under-13's aren't even allowed to register on the site without their parents faxing Admin, so it can't be for U-13s.
    Mar 28 2013 11:48 AM