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I am very, very, VERY angry. I bought a Japanese version of the v2 yesterday. It has the original packaging and all but then I read this feedback from other buyers saying that it is fake and all. That means I bought a fake AND illegal Tama which won't even work... I was getting excited. Great. Well, it'll be interesting to see what would be inside when I take it apart even though it's bootleg. Warning to everybody: It is safer to buy Tamas on eBay than Amazon, that way you may hav...
Sep 28 2012 01:34 AM
  • MusicalAngelgotchiOfLove's Photo
    Yeah, the books are good to buy. I checked a forum on here which had the exact one I bought and they showed it was fake. It looks kind of interesting to use though.
    Sep 28 2012 01:48 AM
  • GotchiGuardian's Photo
    Don't tell me its the "Pure Pink" friend-of-the-world one? -_-
    Sep 28 2012 02:04 AM
  • MusicalAngelgotchiOfLove's Photo
    Yeah, ahahah.. ehhh... I didn't read the reviews until afterwards. At least I ordered some pretty good books! :P
    Oct 01 2012 12:16 AM