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Stefan Bauwens → Eternal Mametchi Fan

Saw your deviantart account. Awesome work. Also, I'm quietly planning to start drawing some Tamagotchi (short) comics. I've no story yet, however. Also, do you think I should take all the newest anime into account? Or should watching the Let's Go series and some translated Tamagotchi! episodes(e.g:Pumpkin soup lake) be enough to use as base for a story?
Nov 17 2012 02:05 PM
  • Stefan Bauwens's Photo
    Stefan Bauwens
    Okay, thanks. :) I guess the hometown is Tamagotchi Town and not Dreamtown then?
    Nov 18 2012 05:47 AM
  • Eternal Mametchi Fan's Photo
    Eternal Mametchi Fan
    Yep ^_^
    Nov 18 2012 05:54 AM
  • Stefan Bauwens's Photo
    Stefan Bauwens
    Okay. Thanks. :)
    Nov 18 2012 02:06 PM