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I have a Tamama plushie. :o
Mar 13 2013 02:34 PM
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    omg i think tamama and kululu/kururu ( whatever you like to call him ) are awesome and cute. i love them all! but i hate sumomo soooo much! other then that sgt frog is awesome but i only watched first 2 seasons and 2 eps of season 3, and sadly i will have too watch them in japanese. but i dont really mind! i watch pretty cure like that! man i talk to long
    Mar 16 2013 10:25 PM
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    Puffy Snivy
    you don't talk long! I also have this Keroro necklace with a card that has all the frogs. hmm... I can try and provide english transscripts if you want.
    Mar 18 2013 08:34 AM
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    lol thank you very much but there is no need to trans them for me :) i love sgt frog a lot. and in the english one angol mois has the same voice acter as amy rose from sonic x. i have not yet checked but i am sure they have the same one. me my brother, my sister and my friend love to pratend we are the frogs ( sadly we are missing someone too be dororo/zeroro ) and walk around acting like them. my friend is keroro i am tamama my brother is giroro ans my sis kululu/kururu ( idk why she SOO not...
    Mar 20 2013 02:25 AM