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One of my friends is getting a Wii U on launch day (UK), and it's not even an early christmas present!
Nov 28 2012 01:52 AM
  • Stefan Bauwens's Photo
    Stefan Bauwens
    I can only speak for the ps3(oldest one) which came a few days out begore the wii. It is till today one of tge worlds best supercomputers, and featuring bluray. You just cant compare tge quality.
    Nov 28 2012 07:17 AM
  • DJYellow22's Photo
    The thing is, that's not true when comparing to a modern PC. One from say.. This year? They are quite more powerful, especially if you build your own and use all the best, but also cheapest parts.

    All consoles are underpowered when compared to PCs in terms of games, many developers believe that consoles are holding back PCs.
    Nov 28 2012 07:57 AM
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    Nov 28 2012 08:18 AM