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*Sigh* I ordered something from Amazon a week back and it never came... at least they didn't charge me :I
Jan 26 2013 10:35 PM
  • JLou's Photo
    Isn't their regular shipping 7-10 business days? And assuming you're in the US, there was a holiday to consider (MLK day).
    Jan 26 2013 10:43 PM
  • Midorime's Photo
    Was it even in stock or it backordered?
    Jan 27 2013 12:26 AM
  • KeroPyontchi's Photo
    It was in stock... It was to come 3-5 buisness days later, but like I said, they didn't take money off my card. I'll try ordering the Tamagotchi again next weekend, I guess.
    Jan 27 2013 10:33 AM