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I'm giving away a 2 Tamagotchi Nano and TL tshirts. If you guys wanna enter, feel free join! I hope a TamaTalker could win 1 of my giveaways, because I know you will take good care of the toy.
Feb 02 2013 04:33 PM
  • Tama-Star_Girl's Photo
    ooooooo Limited Edition Nano. I wish I could enter but I don't have tumbler and facebook as well. >.<
    Feb 02 2013 06:23 PM
  • sk1tt135's Photo
    I entered like 20 times. <3.
    Feb 02 2013 08:18 PM
  • anzfalcontchi's Photo
    Hello! Sorry late response...

    @spanishtamalover86 Awww you're too sweet! <3

    Thank you guys! So happy some of you joined, good luck <3
    Feb 07 2013 01:53 AM