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Breakups are hard to get through..
Mar 08 2013 10:53 AM
  • RNBWprincess's Photo
    But you know, after a long history with the person, there's more to the story than not tallking for a few days/weeks/months... I'm waiting for something else to happen
    Mar 08 2013 10:59 AM
  • Midorime's Photo
    I have to agree, they're very hard. went through one few weeks ago, and he found someone else already. We were friends for many years prior, though, so it makes it even harder--can't even bare the thought of keeping in touch now.
    Mar 08 2013 11:06 AM
  • RNBWprincess's Photo
    ugh that makes me feel worse DX
    Mar 08 2013 03:01 PM