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my orange TMGC+C is paid for, i have the NIB lovely music ID comming on monday, and the mod materials ready for it ^.^.i am four croceht covers away from being done my commissions, and all my other tama's are on there way in the mail..im having a great week <3
Sep 01 2013 08:49 AM
  • Tamaevie's Photo
    How exciting! Congrats on finishing all your commissions too. What a great feeling ;)
    Sep 01 2013 06:22 PM
  • oddsandendswithlove's Photo
    I am so excited for my list of tama's to arrive haha <3 ...and I have school tmr and im SOOO NERVIOUS! like I have been so shaky and stressed about it all day hehe ^.^. I have bad anxiety anyways so its nothing new baha :D its always the anticipation of new things that set me off lmao..but im going to rock the day and enjoy the tama's coming in and finish up my commissions and have a blast hehe <3
    Sep 02 2013 05:16 PM