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If I wanted to start trying to collect vintage, Japanese connection, and color tamagotchis; where should I start? I don't have anything besides American connections. And I would rather not buy anything overseas (I live in MN, USA.)
Nov 05 2013 02:50 PM
  • =^.^='s Photo
    Rather not buy anything overseas? You'll not be able to collect anything if you don't get stuff from HobbyLink Japan, etc.
    Nov 05 2013 02:51 PM
  • TamaMum's Photo
    If you don't want to buy anything from overseas you will probably have to buy from ebay sellers in the USA who are selling the tamas you want to collect... you won't have so much choice but that's the compromise if you choose only to buy from the USA
    Nov 05 2013 02:52 PM
  • SailorRosette's Photo
    Check antique stores, 2nd hand stores, online (ebay or amazon) and rummage/garage sales.
    Nov 05 2013 03:09 PM