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Anny Biondi

My friend told me that he loved to wear Tweety tees when he was a kid, and when he was younger Tweety was for both boys and girls, now all the Tweety merchandizing is for girls...just like Tamagotchi. After he said that I told him about Tamagotchis being only for girls. Please explain me that...
May 17 2014 06:02 AM
  • furbitchi's Photo
    Tweety I can see as only girls for merch but all tamagotchi needs really is just the style of packaging that they used to have in the old days and it would be gender neutral lol
    May 17 2014 09:17 AM
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    Anny Biondi
    @furbitchi, I agree with you, but what about the P's?It needs both a new packaging and design
    @EMF well, but mecha robots series exist since the 70's, but Kirby is a cute little critter too but Kirby stills unisex, male kids here love him and he's cute and pink
    May 18 2014 11:25 AM
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    Anny Biondi
    This is why I created a petition to release the Friends in Italy for a unisex audience
    May 18 2014 11:28 AM