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My Aikatsu pierce arrived yesterday. Now just waiting on the Coffret pierce. Or should I just make separate reviews? Hmm.
Jun 22 2013 11:03 AM
  • Flare.exe's Photo
    You should definitely review the Aikatsu pierce. That is, if you want to.
    Jun 22 2013 12:43 PM
  • TotallyTamagotchi's Photo
    You should put it into one review, so that way one video isn't too short, in my opinion.
    Jun 22 2013 02:47 PM
  • -Ra-'s Photo
    @binary: Alas, I had mine placed with HLJ, and they have yet to say anything. I'm hoping for Monday on that.

    As for the decision, I think I'm gonna hold off and do one together when I have both pierces.
    Jun 22 2013 04:59 PM