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Are lamps really one use?

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Posted 10 March 2007 - 10:01 AM ( #1 )

I have a lamp, and no matter how many times I've used it, it stays in my inventory...

Should I keep it or throw it away? I mean, more times than not I get some sort of rain cloud or something depressing, but I just tried it now and got about 4000 GP.






10 Mar 2007

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10 Mar 2007


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Posted 10 March 2007 - 11:36 AM ( #2 )

Oh, if nothing happens the first time, then you usually get to keep the lamp for a few more times. B)


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Posted 10 March 2007 - 11:58 AM ( #3 )

Well, i suppose that having a lamp is a good thing, at first i thought you meant a Light type of lamp...
If you get a geene thatn good, get a cloud? dont worry...
I think you cant have a lamp that gives you a rain cloud every time... Can you

thanks for posting this, for us to help you with


(this is the bit i just edited,
Dont trow it away, maybe you could wrap it up to give to anothre v4 (or v3) tamagotchi)

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