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Serious Tamagotchi ancestor discussion

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Posted 13 April 2007 - 10:18 AM ( #21 )

I do have a TamaOtch
a very2 interesting tama indeed, its very different from other tamagotchi's in my opinion
the characters always cracks me up!
people say its annoying
but once you undersatnd how to play with it..
it really is enjoyable :o


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Posted 13 April 2007 - 06:13 PM ( #22 )

Do you have any plans to visit Toyko, Japan? ^_^ If you ever make it there, look up the closest location of "Hobby Off". They're a chain of "recycle" (second-hand) toy dealers. I bought an Angel Gotch from them not too long ago for 1000 yen (1050 yen when tax is included.) That's a bit less than $10 US. Click here to see a photo.

$2,000 in traveling fees,
$577 in hotel fees,
Linging in a box in the middle of Japan- priceless!

Sadly I have no plans to go to Japan. V.V

That's awsome they're so cheap though! I wonder if Chinatown has any...

Do you know of any online place to get them cheap-ish?


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Posted 13 April 2007 - 07:56 PM ( #23 )

An airplane flight... good idea fluffums! What a great place to look after a Tama Ocean.
I guess taking an Ocean to school wouldn't be a good idea then, haha.

You guys can take yours on aeroplanes?!?! *stares jealously* When I went on the aeroplane, the guy at the check in who looked like a sterotypical IT specialist said no, but you can put it in your luggage. So I did. And something made the circuit boards rust! Probably moisture in the air... I was bored on my plane flight even though it did have the in-flight entertainment system, and I happened to look at the safety instructions. It shows what you can't have during take off or landing, and what you can't have at all. In the 'what you can't have at all' pile, it shows a Furby and a Tamagotchi-shaped thing with four buttons.

You know what? I told the flight stewardess (no, let's make that two flight stewardesses) that I wasn't allowed to bring my Tamagotchi in the aircraft cabin and they said that's stupid.

Ontopic: For Tamagotchi Angel, I don't like the fact that it doesn't beep for doing a good deed.


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Posted 13 April 2007 - 08:03 PM ( #24 )

I prefer Tamagotchi Connection version 1!!! I like it because the concept isn't as junked up with the store, and connecting is fun because your surprised "oh!! you're coming over here HEY!!!! YOU GAVE ME POOP! Maybe if you dicipline him he won't anymore"

that's how our conversations went with our version one, it was alot more fun to me, now you PICK, you pick the toys they play with [by buying them.] You pick if you want to play a game of visit.

It's just not as great. I really don't like all the new stuff as much

UNFORTUNATELY my version one is broken :)

I need a new one!!

I totally agree!

I still have my v1. It's on 68th generation, a Mimitchi. I find it better to:

-Not have to choose Game or Present or Visit. It adds a bit of spice to connecting. How about Game, Present, Visit or Surprise?
-Only receive items that you can actually use! And your Tamagotchi displays a bit of gratitude by using items straight after receiving them.
-Simple games. And you don't need to play 'em to the end to lose heaps of weight. In dance, just complete one round and voila 2 grams lost. In jump, just complete 3 jumps and voila 3 grams lost.
-In Dance, you can play when your Tamagotchi is only 2 grams over the base weight.
-It's easier to tweak your Tamagotchi to get whatever character you want, as opposed to version 2 and 3, and 4, since in version 4 you can't decide what family your Tamagotchi's in.
-For connecting, just click 'n' go. Nothing special. Short and sweet.
-Less glitchy.
-Different foods per character. Mimitchi has hot cross bun for food and cake for snack. Kuchipatchi has bread for food and ice cream for snack.
-Easy and low maintenance.
-Don't have to cycle through so many different status screens.

However, some things that might be nice on version 1 and are on other versions are:

-Viewing parents and deceased Tamagotchi.
-That's all I can think off off the top of my head.


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Posted 13 April 2007 - 10:22 PM ( #25 )

I'm currently trying to track down a tamagotchi connection version one. I really wish I could convince someone from school to gimme theres! I want one BAD.

I didn't think it was possible to get to the 68th gen. 0-0


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Posted 20 March 2008 - 05:20 PM ( #26 )

If you are looking for a challenge, get an oceangotchi. If you want to raise multiple tamas, try an angelgotchi. I don't have a garden tama, but some ppl like them, and others don't. Same w/ mothra.