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FAQS answered! : Largest Gigapet website EVER! :D

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Posted 16 April 2007 - 11:21 PM ( #1 )

Alright awhile back i asked you guys if you thought a super gigapet website would be something cool.. and you said yes.

So here it is.

Giga Pet Stop: Super Giga Pet Website!

I worked on it for a week straight. I'm sort of glad i got most of it done for right now..

man it was fun!

There's basically every question from the board answered there.. and more.. explained in plain simple english! :blink: Complete with screenshots.. pictures..

Oh also - if you can, join my forums and post! Click Here for forums! There's lots of friendly people there! :kuribotchi:

Oh and i forgot!

There's also a FULL COLOR COMPLETE map of your gigapet explorer.. THAT took me a long time! (There's also one in black and white)

But that should help a LOT of people out.. especially in finding out where all the special areas are!






16 Apr 2007