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Posted 06 May 2007 - 09:19 AM ( #1 )

Has anyone seen the Itachi vs. Sasuke episodes,i'm going to talk about them here

Here's the third Newest;

Roar! Chidori!
Brother Vrs. Brother
Description: Itachi's found Naruto, but Sasuke and Jiria have come to the rescue. But Sasuke's not going to save naruto and run away, He has unfinished bussiness with Itachi.

2nd Newest;
Hate Among the Uchiha's:The last of the clan
Sasuke is continually getting pummled be Itachi. Itachi moves so fast,Sasuke eventually passes out from a jutsu called "Suko Yumi"

The newest;
A new training begins;
jiria and naruto search for the fifth hokage

Just talk about Naruto in general on this thread!






06 May 2007

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Posted 06 May 2007 - 09:28 AM ( #2 )

Yes I have seen them. I have seen episodes past that. I'm on episode 144 in Naruto (and I still got 76 more episodes to go what a drag) I can't wait to get to the final episode of Naruto! Then it means.....no more fillers!!!!!!! YAY! And yes Sasuke does get beaten by Itachi because he lacks hatred or soemthing like that.


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Posted 09 June 2007 - 01:52 PM ( #3 )

Yeah.. I've seen every episode... (hehe, you could quiz me on em too!)

Yeah, thoughs were pretty cool. I like the episodes where Naruto and Sasuke fight.
They are a whole lot cooler! (especially the one when sasuke trys to leave to go to Orochimaru)