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Tamablob's making his mark

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Posted 17 September 2004 - 01:59 PM ( #18 )

Ok... I'm only back to explain this for a sec because you don't understand.... I was one of the late early joiners... I had created art for the tama gallery openned and inn in roleplay and was well know across the site... But then the day came that I had to leave... The only thing I could do was make a mark for everyone to see... I posted on every board on tamatalk except for the graveyard which for spiritual resons I could not. It was 10:39 when I did it... nobody said anything... Not even one person did for 25 minutes... The longest it had ever been without a post... Then a fellow tamatalk friend came and said something... Soon once all of the other people saw this they started talking too... It might have turned into maschaos it might have turned into a trend but admin had to save the tamatalk sight from confusion... He rolled all of the posts into the one single one.. For people to always remember me by...