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crazy critter

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Posted 02 October 2007 - 10:51 PM ( #52 )

Yes they most certainly, most positively educational. They train you up before you actually have a pet (in my case) or a baby (in a late-teen-adult stage in humans). Well, thats my opinion anyway.



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Posted 04 October 2007 - 03:34 PM ( #53 )

What does it matter if they're educational or not? I mean, I'm all for them being educational and I see how they are educational and all, but I don't understand why everything has to be blatantly educational. o_o Growing up, I was morally opposed to having education shoved in my face. "I'll learn on my own, thanks."


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Posted 04 October 2007 - 09:14 PM ( #54 )

Of course, however, the PARENTS don't notice this because they look at the Tamagotchi and compare it to other handheld devices like Gameboys, DS's, and cell phones: nothing but a distraction and an annoyance. There are a few, however, that actually raise and enjoy Tamagotchi pets (I salute you all! xD)...

I agree. :D

However, as some have stated in this topic, some parents bought some for their kids to actually teach responsibility. I guess it really depends on how the parents look at it. Because Tamagotchis can be a distraction, but at the same time, they are still educational.
But Tamagotchis aren't that distracting. I mean, you can pause them if they are getting in the way of other education. :o

As I have stated, they are educational and have benefits. :(


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Posted 12 October 2007 - 06:36 PM ( #55 )

I think they're educational... It teaches responsibilty without the risk of an actual animal dying. It's a good way for parents to know if their kid is going to neglect their new pet or take care of it or take care of it for a while and then get tired of it.

Except with me it was backwards... My mom said if you take care of the dog, you can get a Tamagotchi, but oh well... Guess I'm just backwards that way.

Mametchi 4 eva

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Posted 14 October 2007 - 11:15 AM ( #56 )

I think they are educational because it teaches people how to take care of other pets/kids for the future if they eva have kids in the future!
And the games will educate the people, such as playing shape, kids will notice which shape goes where :mellow:

hope i helped, and have a great tama day! :huh:


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Posted 09 December 2007 - 01:51 PM ( #57 )

this is just my opinion that tamas ARE educational but to oters its just an addicting toy.


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Posted 10 December 2007 - 04:36 AM ( #58 )

Come to think of it, I don't think Tamagotchi shoved education right at me, more like inspired me to try and learn stuff like Japanese.


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Posted 10 December 2007 - 05:04 PM ( #59 )

In diffrent ways, tamas can be educational,(SP) They can teach younger kids responcibility, as in "if you want to keep your pet alive, you have to take care of it"I think that tamas can teach some people to reach for their goals. If you want a special character, youll do what you can to get that character! Or that Item. I once worked so hard on my tamagotchi to get the ufo. It took me almost a month of nonstop(when I could) playing games to get the 5,000,000 points.


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Posted 13 December 2007 - 08:20 AM ( #60 )

tamas aren't educational. they not teach to care the pets. to feed you must press buttons some times and you will "care it" but for real pets,you must feed them A LOT harder,going camp with their, and not play any games. it's only a little eggy toy.


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Posted 14 December 2007 - 04:40 PM ( #61 )

In a way, yes tamagotchis are eductional, they teach you to care for a pet. It isen't really educational but it does teach people responsibility.

:marumimitchi: Chocola :ichigotchi:


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Posted 15 December 2007 - 04:04 AM ( #62 )

honestly, I do think that tamas are educational. I remember my little bro, and me, forgot our tamas at home, and we were out for a while...lets just say My brother was inconsolable and I had t spend the next hour attempting to quiet him...

I do think Tamas are educational, because, assuming that the child knows angel means death, The child will do everything in his or her power to care for it and not kill it.


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Posted 17 December 2007 - 12:01 AM ( #63 )

I don't think they're educational in the true sense of the word but they do offer children an opportunity to gain some perspective on life. We had a lot of behavioural problems with my son, he has major issues with ANY authority and so we felt a Tama might offer a little help and it has. Has he learnt anything NO! Has he gained a better perspective on cause and consequesnce, has he begun to realise that time out and praise are BOTH necessary to parenting... YES YES OH SWEET LORD YES! Tamagotchi has been a god send but for those that believe they are educational, well, either they're none too bright to begin with or they're justifying they're toy time by pretentious means... But thats my opinion and its worth as much as it cost you to read it... NOTHING!


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Posted 18 December 2007 - 08:10 AM ( #64 )

I can see where you are coming from, they do seem as though they could be educational, don't they? I am guessing that they were meant to be pets, pets take responsibility, I don't think Bandai walked out and said "Lets make a toy that teaches responsibility and call it Tamagotchi!" no? I do believe it does though. Last year, I figured out how to take care of six Tamagotchis, get them to, basically, all be a masktchi, and get 3rd honors in school. They barley distracted me, but for others, it's different.

Some kids think they are living breathing animals that need to be taken care of, others, not so much. So what I am getting at is basically, yes and no. They obviously weren't meant to be educational, but they are. Bandai did a good job, lets leave it at that, eh?

I can see my science teacher letting us use Tamagotchi's for a project. I own enough to lend him a few of mine, plus I am sure my parents would chip in, mainly because, my dad likes to see if they are dead yet (He is so nice, is he not?) and what character you get. My mom, she is different, but still. I was thinking about asking him too. He could talk to all of our teachers, get us passes that allow us to use our Tamagotchi's during school, and after, lets say, a week, report on how they are doing back to him. It is fun (Which he is) and educational. I have a million reasons why we should do this in school, and when I get off break, I will ask him about it. I will label my Tamagotchi's she lend them to him, not that I couldn't tell which ones were mine.

Getting back on topic, I say yes and no. Not much else to say. ;D



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Posted 23 December 2007 - 06:51 PM ( #65 )

yeah, i think in a way they are...

Tamagotchi ME

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Posted 28 January 2008 - 11:41 AM ( #66 )

Okay... okay... everyone (almost) around Tamatalk :huh: usually brings up at one time or another, Tamagotchis are educational! :o :o But are they? Do they teach children (notice how I said CHILDREN...) <_< responsibility? Or are they only little addicting toys? :unsure: *sheads a single tear* :( What do YOU (LOL) think?!? :lol:

*THIS is not a ROTFL type moment...*

Sure it's teaching them! You have to try to take care of 'em!