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Fun Stuff to Do

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Posted 01 July 2007 - 08:44 AM ( #1 )

I just have some ideas for games to play!

I ate a...

How to play:

Similar to duck duck goose, except instead of saying, "Duck Duck Duck GOOSE!" You say, I ate a human, (weird, I know, but I was in my backyard thinking about duck duck goose, and food)and keep saying that , until when you come to the person the person you want to chase after you, you say, I ate a ______. (You say an animal) For instance, a fish. The person chases after you like a fish, and you run, like a fish.

Stuffed Animal Drop

How to play:

If you have a swing set, swing on it, and have a stuffed animal with you. Drop the stuffed animal, as your swing, and try to pick it up with you hands! If it's directly undernegth(sp) you, then you may use your feet. If it's sort of far, you may use your feet to MOVE it. Then place it where it needs to be, and use your hands! (My brother and I made this up yesterday)






01 Jul 2007