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Posted 05 July 2007 - 03:53 PM ( #1 )

i think pixel chik is boring ;)






05 Jul 2007

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Posted 22 July 2007 - 03:43 PM ( #2 )

k, thats good for you. But people wouldn't want to know that. Keep it to yourself.


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Posted 23 July 2007 - 02:23 PM ( #3 )

Um I really don't think u should have posted a whole new topic just for that...

But I sort of agree. Those stupid things are a rip-off! I wasted my money ($35 to b exact!) to get stupid piece of junk. Only bcause thre store waz outta tamas. A week later it went haywire! Every second she would tht thing were if u leave the pixel chix for 3 dayz! On and off. Same flippin thing! I threw it away.

This is me just voicing my opinion. If u lyk it, ignore me, plz. Pretend u never read this then.


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Posted 28 July 2007 - 07:56 PM ( #4 )

i think pixel chik is boring :lol:

Me too!


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Posted 09 August 2007 - 09:33 AM ( #5 )

Some people like pixel chix, so you might have hurt their feelings.
Don't you feel that way, too, sometimes?


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Posted 09 August 2007 - 06:00 PM ( #6 )

i know! the worst part is when ur little sisters have the mall and gerbil.

[SIZE=14THEY ARE A PIECE OF CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]


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Posted 14 August 2007 - 04:24 PM ( #7 )

THEY SUCK!!!!!!!


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Posted 20 August 2007 - 12:27 PM ( #8 )

I had it for 2 dayz and it left about 10 timez!!! I got so sick of it that I ended up just pushing it off on my friend! I should have sold it though.


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Posted 21 August 2007 - 08:30 AM ( #9 )

They are pretty much junk and a rip-off... 35 dollars for a little person to play with but if you leave it alone it leaves. And the battarey screw is so small I cant get in to restart!


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Posted 21 August 2007 - 12:13 PM ( #10 )

I think it's a cool concept, but there's not enough to do with them.


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Posted 30 August 2007 - 01:47 PM ( #11 )

They are an EXTREME rip off. 29.99 for an annoying house? Rip off.


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Posted 11 October 2007 - 01:10 PM ( #12 )

They are not boring!!!
Georgia cant-be-bothered-to-say-your-fall-username..

Do you even HAVE a pixel chix???

Because judging from what you just said, it's like you don't have one, but you want one, so just because it's something you don't have you start saying mean things about it and when you finally can afford one, you'll be all, ''Oh pixel chix are great ,they do this, they do that!''

Lots of people like pixel chix, and are big fans, so by what you just said, you could hurt lots of people's feelings, like you just did with mine.

So just stufff an apple in your big mouth!

Than you.


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Posted 11 October 2007 - 02:12 PM ( #13 )

If you don't like PizelCHix, don't play it. Weall didn't really need to hear that...


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Posted 11 October 2007 - 04:51 PM ( #14 )

Someone should close this topic. Because it is mean to do that. What if we started saying that about YOUR loved toy??? hmm? Would you like it??? WELL?? NO!


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Posted 29 May 2009 - 02:38 PM ( #15 )

I disagree, they have plenty of things to do. Although, it's boring at first because there is only like 4 things to do. When you keep playing with it though you unlock tons of stuff.


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Posted 09 July 2009 - 07:09 AM ( #16 )

you "pixel chix lovers" are REALLY overreacting seriusly,


its not hurting anyones feelings. why the hell do even care what she thinks?

sheesh,people. you should really let people have theyr own opinion.


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Posted 09 July 2009 - 09:27 AM ( #17 )

o_O What's a pixel chik *goes to look it up*


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Posted 26 October 2009 - 03:57 PM ( #18 )

i used to love them. but my cousin burned mine and i burned hers so we both hate them. basically before she burned it i had play-dough over the speaker because the noises are just annoying :wacko:


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Posted 26 October 2009 - 09:26 PM ( #19 )

Such hypocrites. Telling us to not voice our opinions is just like shunning our feelings inside. We're as complex as you, so if you hate this topic so much, go away.

Pixel Chix is actually quite boring. Including all the unlocked stuff; there's not much to do after a while. It sort of like the Pixel CHix gave up on you, just like how you're about to :S


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Posted 27 October 2009 - 04:06 PM ( #20 )

I've played on several of the Pixel Chix toys, and to me they are a bit boring, but I'm also 19 years old (I still love Tama's though, but that's not the point) my 9 year old step sister has a mini collection of them, 4 or 5, and I've used them, connected them, and helped her completely unlock all of them, and they were quite fun at the time. But, for some reason, after awhile I just got really bored and tired of them.

Not to say that they are stupid or anything, they just weren't my thing. Honestly, it was more fun taking care of other v-pets because they were pets not little people. The games were a little too awkward and I didn't really like the phone options, if you know what I'm talking about (I'm running off information from the summer, I haven't played them since)

However, she loves them and plays with them and I'm not going to tell her that their stupid or anything like that, they're just a little boring girly and repetitive for Me, but there are plenty of people out there and are going to say that about Tamagotchi's too, maybe not here, but their out there.

No one posting in this thread, Hopefully, is here to specifically hurt someone else's feelings though, so please don't take all of this personally. If you love Pixel Chix, that's awesome, if you hate them, that's up to you, but don't bash or try to sway each other's opinions through yelling and things like that. This topic is talking about how some people might think that they are boring, and even if there are other topics with the same thing, there are also topics in the Nano and Giga and Neo and Aqua pets saying that others think that they are boring too.

If you really think that someone is attacking you through this thread, please talk to someone about it, but the people here are only voicing their Opinions, just like you, and if you disagree with them that doesn't mean that they are wrong in anyway, it's just a clash of opinions.
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