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When Did You Get Your First Webkinz?

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Posted 30 August 2007 - 05:16 PM ( #1 )

Tell about the time when you got your very first Webbie!

Here's my story.

April 30, 2007. Twelve days after turning 12 years old. Had an 8 hour party with 5 friends (excluding my stuffed ferret who I carry around while hanging with my friends for our entertainment). We saw "Are We Done Yet?" and my mom took us to the terrible 99 instead of waiting for the excellence at Chilis. I went nuts to the terrible Mac and Cheese and starting going nuts with water. My BFF poisioned her water with steak sauce, coffe sugar and stuff, paper, fries, and other stuff! LOL! We also drew mustaches on the characters in our coloring thingies. We started shredding our coloring pages and throwing them at eachother. Seriously hyper night. I was throwing Fanby in the back of the car and I was saying "Don't make Fanby go back there!" and we made Fanby wave and blow kisses to the peeps in back of us. Were extremely hyper. Especially when it comes to Fanby.
My mom finally pulled us outta that terrible 99 and we went back to my place to eat Fudgie the whale and open presents.
I got girft certificates and cash, but I opened up the present of one of my friends and her sister. It was a poodle with a plastic tag on her. My friends sister explained to me that it was a Webkinz and what it does. PatrickFan kept on saying "I've heart what it is! *Boy's name* told me about it!"
I took of the tag and ate cake while asking my friends if they knew cute french names. My mom suggetsed "Chloe" and I thought it was perfect. I took the ribbon from Chloe's tag and put it around her as a collar. It still sits on her now. Then Chloe got her first small stain on the furry part of her leg; fudge.
I went on my mom's computer and my friend's sis told me how to register. I chose one of my fav usernames of mine; {it's a secret}. It's pretty amazing. Usually when I register on an animal site I'm know as one of my BlackLab usernames. I registered Chloe and played with her after all the papers were printed out. Then we had to take my friends home so I wasn't able to veiw the rest of the tour. Fanby sat with Chloe. Then I got home and played with Chloe more.

Well, that's me story!

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30 Aug 2007