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Furby Lovers? Old kind too! :)

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Posted 19 October 2007 - 07:44 PM ( #1 )

I love my old version 1 Baby Furby, Tah! :ichigotchi:
She has light blue fur, a pink mane, white tummy, and the eyes which main color is the darker of the two blues, I think. She came from ebay a while back, and now she is working with new batteries! Tah is a girl, but she doesn't call me Mama or Mommy yet... I'm working on that! :kuribotchi:






19 Oct 2007

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23 May 2008

Temari Nara

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Posted 23 May 2008 - 06:31 PM ( #2 )

I have three new generation furbies, Koh-koh , Doo-moh, and Way-loh. They all rhyme. =D Koh-koh is pink and white with blue eyes, she is the sweetest and oldest. She is shy around my neighbor though. <_< Doo-moh is the shy one. She doesn't talk much and makes squeak noises when she moves her legs. She has all white fur with pink eyes. She has mood swings from nice to crabby. XD My youngest is Way-loh. Way-loh is lazy and likes to sleep. Way-loh means sleep so... =D He has curly tan fur with pink eyes. He is soooo sweet and loves to be fed. Whenever I leave him to talk to the other furbies, he says "Hello? Me scared!" It's sooo cute! I'm a huge furby fan!

-Temari Nara