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Funny Moments at School

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Posted 21 November 2007 - 08:39 PM ( #21 )

This happend yesterday at school.My switch Teacher sat on a table and in second it's collapsed.It's was funny.Egverybody was laughing.


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Posted 21 November 2007 - 08:56 PM ( #22 )

OMG...today during Drama was hilarious!

We would go into partners, and our teacher would give us a topic to talk about, or act out for 30 seconds. At the end, we got to do one alone infront of the whole class if we wanted to, and I volunteered (Uh oh...xD) My topic was "A goalie who just lost in game seven in a shootout at the Stanley Cup finals" So I was like "Come on...Be confident, that Stanley Cup is mine! No one can beat the Leafs!" Then I acted out trying to make a save, but fail. Then I was like "NOOOOO! How could I have lat that in? NOOOOO! MENTAL BREAKDOWN!!!! I WANT STANLEY CUP!" Then I pretended to punch someone and then I pretended to hoist the Stanley Cup, and kiss it and all that xD My class was laughing so hard!

Lol, That is just Awesome!

Well, like Today in Science Class, We had a Sub, with a peculiar last name. (Erm, Like it rhymed with the F word, adding an "er" at the end), one kid was all "HEY MISTER _____er!" but accidentally pronounced it as the F word, Everyone just about died laughing,

And this one Guy was arguing with random people about what their volleyball team name should be, he was like "BUT WE SHOULD BE THE CUPCAKE SPRINKLEESSSS!, CAUSE I LUURRRVEEE CUPPYCAKES!" His Nickname is Chris Angel (like, as in the illusion artist Criss Angel) for what reason? I dunno really.

And in math, this one guy, he was like writing on his paper, he just suddenly scribbled in big letters across the whole page (in Red Sharpie), "I AM A KITTTTYYYY!"

Then In Gym class Today, we were like Exercising Right? When it was my turn to do Push-ups (which i utterly suck at. xD)
I was only able to do to, my friend was all "WOOOT! YOU SUCK! nu, not really, but yup." xD
I was trying to throw a Crumpled peice of paper at some random person in the hallway, ended up hitting one of the displays (like, a cardboard thing), I was like "o_o, crap."
Then just walked away. xD


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Posted 21 November 2007 - 09:59 PM ( #23 )

1.theirs a kid in are grade named jake and he screams like a girl so we told him something and he screamed REALLY loud and every one stared and started laghing

2.on the wa home from scool i walk home with a few people i know one girl got her hair cut short so the 8th graders thogh rocks and stuf at us and ists funn i gave the girl a muffin and chuked it at their heads!lol


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Posted 21 November 2007 - 10:50 PM ( #24 )


Uhhhhhh OOH! once it was friday and it was almost the end of pre algebra and the teacher played music and this guy thought he could break dance (lawl yeah right!) and so he tried and completely fell everybody was cracking up!


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Posted 22 November 2007 - 03:34 PM ( #25 )

Today during recess, me and my friends were talking and all that. Then this person came up to me (He always mocks my obsession with House xD) and I was just like "What do you want?" And he said "Well, I wanted to make fun of you. Oh well." And walked away xD

When we were coming back from Gym, one of the people in my class sat on a table in the hall and it collapsed.

During math, we were allowed on the computers once we were done our Math test. The person sitting beside me made a parody of a Christmas song about hobos, then he started singing about me marrying House and I was like "STAY AWAY FROM ME!" Really loudly xD


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Posted 22 November 2007 - 04:24 PM ( #26 )

Today, at gym, Crazy Frog-Axel F was playing when we were to wam up. Whenever the teacher turned her back, I did pole dancing and other random things, everyone craked up laughing, then when the teacher looked, we were all acting normal, it was awesome. XD


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Posted 22 November 2007 - 04:27 PM ( #27 )

In fifth grade, I was sitting by one of my guy-friend-enemy-buddies (yup, I have lots of those xD), and he threatened me with his empty box of apple juice, so I was like "Yeah, that's really scary.." Sarcastically, then he turned upside-down over my head, not knowing it wasn't empty.. A line of applejuice ran from my hair to my chin. xD It was hilarious, even though I got sent to the principal's office the second day of school. xD

Sixth grade, at a new school, we went outside for science for Observations. It was funny, because a couple guys were arguing over if the firehydrant was white or silver, so Garret went to go look at it, and everybody hid behind this waist-high concrete wall. When he turned around, he didn't see anybody. Then, when he walked around the corner, he screamed like a girl. xD

A guy named Ben got called out of the room to the library. While he was gone, my teacher rigged his chair with clear wire so Ben wouldn't see it, and he went back to his desk. When Ben came inside, he's put his stuff down and was about to leave, and my teacher told him to sit down while he finished telling everybody about a project. When he tried to pull his chair out, it stuck. Everybody cracked up laughing.

People on our morning news channel always goof off. I happened to be in the room when they taped one of the 'commercials'. In choir, we were doing a Vaudeville show, and a couple girls auditioned for Shirley Temple and sang The Goodship Lolliepop. After they taped them, three boys sang it, one with the curly blonde wig on, along with all the actions. xDD It was hilarious.

Also in fifth grade, I went to school with a fake tongue ring in and freaked a lot of people out. It was fun. ^^

I've got a ton, but that's just a few, for right now.


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Posted 22 November 2007 - 06:11 PM ( #28 )

1) We were at lunch, and one of my friends was dared to start a food fight. So he stood up, got mashed potatoes on his plastic spork, and screamed "FOOD FIGHT!!!!". But when he bent pack the plastic spork, it snapped in half and fell into two pieces, and everybody just stared at him. xD

2) In elementary school, we were out at recess, and me and another friend were getting on a tire swing. I got on with one of my best guy friends, and everybody was like "OOoooOOoo..." He got super-embarrassed, and as he was saying " I DON'T LIKE HER LIKE THAT, YOU IDIOTS!!" He accidently pushed me off and I fell out into the mud. I laughed really hard, I thought it was hilarious. xD

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Posted 22 November 2007 - 08:08 PM ( #29 )

1. I sit across from my friend, and I don't know why I had a ruler stick, so I began petting him with it saying "Good boy!" and my teacher is like "TTkitty07![my real name, duhh] is *___* done his work?" and I replied yes and the teacher is like "Okay go back to poking him in the head then".

2. During volleyball at the attack line, I hit whoever is at the net xD

3. In class our teacher was telling us about things he discted in highschool, and he said he discted a cat, and I was like "Omigosh!" and this HILARIOUS kid in my class yelled out "EKAMOUSE!" [which was my old cat's name] and everyone started laughing, it was hilarious!

4. My friend and I were going down the hall, and I tied her neck with a skipping rope and I was pretending she was my pet and I'm like "HIYAH" to make her go faster, and then the teacher walked out of the class room and I dropped the other end of the skipping rope and yelled "WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?"

5. We got our tests back and my friend told me her mark and I yelled super loud "I GOT A BETTER MARK THAN YOU!" and the class went silent.

6. It was really cold outside so all my girl friends and I are like, sitting on eachother, and then the guys came stampeding over, diving on us and I swear, ALL of them ended up dogpiling on my face, owch. xD

There's a couple I shouldn't say, haha but there's way more. :3


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Posted 22 November 2007 - 11:34 PM ( #30 )

1. we where in gym wensday and there was a bake off but most of us arnt in home ec and so we didnt get food :P but then they called for people who want food so we where running and there where like a bunch of people so i jumped on jame's back and then we got there and ate pie :o

2. i was walking up the stairs and brendon was rolling down and squished me >.<

3. i rolled down a hill and science because the rocket blew up

4. mrs. tolle said if i need something to do go roll around so i rolled right outta gym and into science class


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Posted 23 November 2007 - 01:43 PM ( #31 )

funny stuff, always happens with my friends.

1. Random discussion: Justin- Austin, I'm going to throw you to the ceiling. Austin- owwww... Sam- but then he's going to bounce off. Austin- Then I'll be knocked out, and a hobo will come and i'l wake up tied to a tree naked. *all laughing* Mrs.Hewitt- Justin, SHUT THE HELL UP!

2. On the bus, the kids were throwing these small twin kids around at eachother.

3. When the stinger team went a trip, i had to sit alone because all of my friends are stingers..When kids were trying to start a food fight, so they threw a cookie... and i caught it. I yelled... "GIVE ME MORE!!!" By the end of lunch, my table was covered in cookies and brownies ^-^ and a CHEESE pretzel!!!!!

4. In mat ball in gym, me and my friends Austin and Lisa had a *triangle of talking* Austin almost got attacked by the ball xD


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Posted 23 November 2007 - 02:08 PM ( #32 )

On Wedsday me and my sister were at a different class room and we were gonna watch a movie so the boy i like said "I watched it yesterday." and our science teacher said "Really? Bcause its gone with the wind and were gonna watch it till it ends!" (5hrs) except it wasn't =D

and on wedsday we were playing a turkey game in gym and the Hamster Dance song was on and it was skipping -_- so me and my sister & my friend were laughing.

And on Monday or Wedsday we were walking to the Annex and theres this tree my sister saw and she screamed : "PROBE!!!' (From the worlds greatest recue probe) . O_o
In Mr.Frosters room there was a spider and it landed on someone's pencil case and people were screaming. ;)

And on Halloween the 6th graders had a dance and I was talking with my sister and my friend and then the boy I like was behind me and my sister said "Hey Skadi! Look who's behind you!" I looked around and it was Matt! ^_^ ;)
And once i wanted to go to the bathroom and i signed out and the lunch aid gave me the Boys Pass ! :huh: And me and my friend almosted cracked up when we saw the 4 lunch aids because 2 of the lunch aids have the same names and 2 of thm had funny names : Dale (female) and Chris(male).


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Posted 23 November 2007 - 02:18 PM ( #33 )

Today I did the most funny thing ever. Theres a son on youtube called shoes (Good luck if you can find it) and I went,

Shoes....Shoes....OMG*In a very excited manner* shoes *In a very calm manner*... Can I buy those shoes? Can I buy those shoes? I finished then 5 mins later i went, THOSE SHOES ARE THREE DOLARS!!!! <<<

I said it really loudy but what was even funnier is that i'm english and I did it in a serious, freaky, amarican accent! LOL


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Posted 23 November 2007 - 08:00 PM ( #34 )

For lunch, pretty much all the people in my class go home for lunch except for me, my friend, and some grade 8 guys (I'm in a 7/8 split) And for music, we were doing some programs in the computers, and the teacher let me and my friend make the groups. We had to put 9 people in our class, 9 in the grade 8 class, and the rest in the computer lab. And the one person wanted to be in a group with his friend but not with this other kid, so we put him with the kid he DIDN"T want to be in a group with xD At recess, we showed him the list so he could approve of it and he was mad at what we did with his group so he took the paper and actually choved it right down his pants and threw it at us o.o'

During History class, someone called a person in my calss and his ringtone was Soulja Boy xD I wanted to get up and dance, but our History teacher is EVIL. xD

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Mametchi 4ever

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Posted 23 November 2007 - 08:11 PM ( #35 )

1. Once, last year, me and my 3 friends were on the tall swings. There was only 4- we had it to ourselves. One of the swings was under a large amount of branches. I then said, "K(Not real name, but I can't mention names, So K), What if you're head hit the tree?" "M(Same as K.), What if I hit my head against the tree?"
I can't remember what M said back...
2. During a field trip, there were some outdoor glass exhibits, and some pedestals without anything on them. Me and a group of friends all posed to look like statues on the pedestal... Also last year.
3. There was still particularly long lunch, and we had fun smearing these wierd pics on our hands. This one boy at my table extremley hated this one girl who sat next to her at my table, and asked me to draw a I hate A(Same concept as above in 1..) symbol. I didn't know what to write, so I wrote I hate A on his hand. And I think he and A went nuts.... He washed it off.


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Posted 24 November 2007 - 10:52 AM ( #36 )

I remember when I chucked someones bag out the window then threatend i would climb out to get it for them, lol.


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Posted 24 November 2007 - 12:12 PM ( #37 )

My school's fire alarm sounds liek an ice cream truck, so during a fire drill we were yelling "ICE CREAM TRUCK!!!" And I took $5 out of my pocket and waved it in the air xD


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Posted 24 November 2007 - 03:06 PM ( #38 )

Well, I can only think of two right now, so...

1. Last year on the last day of term before Summer Holidays, this boy in Year 6 spent his whole lunchtime trying to teach me and my friend to do skateboard tricks on red wobbly things xD

2. In Gym last year as well the same friend didn't tuck her shirt in properly when she went round this bar and... well... you can guess.. And the whole of the boys in my class were oposite her!! o.O

Lol xD My fav one was the top one, one of my fav memories from school :-)


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Posted 24 November 2007 - 03:31 PM ( #39 )

LAWL wildcat girl that was FUNNY!!!!!!!


After school all the kids in my Geography class always sing "SCHOOLS OUT SCREAM AND SHOUT" and stuff from HSM2 and I'm all "YOU GUYS REALIZE THAT WE HAVE SCHOOL TOMORROW RIGHT?" If we do and they are all like "Awww...SCHOOLS OUT SCREAM AND SHOUT!!"


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Posted 24 November 2007 - 06:47 PM ( #40 )

In Gym me and my sis were tryig to throw plastic balls at this guy we hate (Call him J) My sis said "HEY J!!" I hit him in the knee =] .

On Wedsday I was hungry and we were doing Thanksgiving Pictonary and there was so much food :9

And J was acting so stupid nod (as NO).
And on Tuesday someone was singing a song from Chowder. ROFL.
And again on Tuesday my sister (lets call them B, A, Al) and me were having a Thanksgiving party (with B my sis A, and me and Al) and we were all holding hands and we said "HAPPY THANKSGIVING! ^__^" :D