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Funny Moments at School

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Posted 29 November 2007 - 06:23 PM ( #52 )

Well, this didn't happen to me, but it was HILARIOUS!
so this random kid fell during the mile run, it was at the beginning and he triped.
He just fell over a little pebble and did a face plant into the grass! His face was all red and grassy, and i laughed so hard, but my friend put her hand over my mouth! I wasnt tryign to mean, but i think falling is one of the funniest things in the world


I have more 8)

My friend had a dream: That a Teacher (lets call her Mrs.K) turned into a cycolpse and broke the annex. So then this boy that Me and my friend hate turned the Annex into a tree Lab. So when my teacher said this : "Isn't the new Middle School big?" I said "Yeah. But whats the annex gonna turn into?" I thought "A Tree Lab?" :D

(I know this doesn't sound funny to some '_'; ) But one of our lunchladies (she's heavyset atleast 250 Lbs....) so she fell off her stool and then they sent an abulance and she started to cry, and it was 10-20% about for us to go to recess.

and one of our lunch aids wore Sandals(straped) in the middle of Winter! :D

And in school (No offence to people in the UK) I was about to scream "CHERRIO COMPUTER!"
In LA my teacher was working with a computer hooked up to the projector and it didn't work and all these weird pop ups came and my sis said "It looks like Code Lyoko."
And in Chorus this boy in my class said "Going to chappel and were gonna kill each other going to the chappel of hate. " And in 5th grade (in my sister's Class) So lets call this one guy "J" and the other guy "S" so my sister's call were playing Kickball then J ran into a soccer goal net and he thought it was funny but no one else laughed and then S said "I married THAT(points) Garbage Can!" And everyone except J was laughing.
Oh and two funny moments about J! Well we were having this fundraiser and then J was crying because he didn't have a Dollar. And J hit his chin on the table then he started to cry and Ms.K told J to nod then J nodded fast! ROFL


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Posted 29 November 2007 - 07:07 PM ( #53 )

this was one of those "u had to be there" moments XD

so me and my friend were running laps in gym and we saw the tag on the boys shorts in front of us. then she yelled that he put them on backwards. so i (jokingly) hit her on the head and said, "not backwords, inside out" nobody told him so they were like that all gym XDXDXD


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Posted 29 November 2007 - 07:16 PM ( #54 )

My class went to the high school for a play about bullying and at the beginning, they were singing "Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round" in like rap style. Me and my friends were like laughing our hreads off infront of almsot 5 other schools xD


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Posted 29 November 2007 - 08:50 PM ( #55 )

Lol. This was like, two years ago 0.o

I was sitting at teh far end of the lunch table with my friends, and someone was like 'Hey NIck! Can I hav ethat cookie?!" (And it was REALLY TINY!) So Nick slid it across the table and the whole table fell on us, making our unches run into a wall, (LOL) I was all 'Man! ANd I was almost done too, DDDDD8"



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Posted 29 November 2007 - 08:56 PM ( #56 )

WEll at lunch time in my school, I was sitting across from this kid named Robert. I was eating these things called pizza dippers and he's like, "Hey Sarah, can I have a pizza dipper?" and I'm like, "no." Then he says "But Sarah, you're my BFF!", and then I say "When was I your BFF???" Then he says in this little kid's voice, "First grade, Sarah. First grade. We learned our 123s and ABCs!!!!" Then I say "I'm your BFF." He's like "Yay!" then I say "Oops sorry I'm not your best friend." and so on XD

At my school we have like 20 minutes before we get to class, and I sat down with my friends. These kids starting saying these really weird things to this kidXD This one kid's like "is it true that the teletubbies raped you?" XD

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Posted 30 November 2007 - 08:34 AM ( #57 )

O.o My post was deleted, so Ill say it agian:

In french, we had a sub teacher. We were doing summin fo it, andI asked how do you spell "Not" in french. he wasked what was the thing I wanted to write, and I said "An d uncoopaertive Librairian!" Everyone laguhed. The guy next to me rolled around in his chair. then the teacher, in a stern, non laughing voice (he meant it) said "What does birds have to do with french!?"

Half of us died X_o

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Posted 30 November 2007 - 11:19 PM ( #58 )

I got another recent moment, just today.

1. Our class were last in the lunch line, and because the cafeteria still had so much extra jello, the teacher told us we could go get as many as we want. We all went crazy, well, half od our class did, and we went running to teh cafeteria, saying, JELLO! JELLO! Because I ran with 3 other kids, the principal caught us, so we got in trouble. But we got our jello. I got 2 more(I had 3 total) and this one girl got 4(5 in total) so we pretty much took it all.


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Posted 01 December 2007 - 07:18 AM ( #59 )

well it was on monday and we had this maths lesson (i was a bit late!) and we had to poor orange juice into a jug in fractions and thenget some water up to 500ml and then taste it to see if we liked it! (pointless lesson!) but me and my bestest friend we were working in partnerz soooooooo we poored it into our cups and tasted it but we didnt want to waste orange juice so we drank the hole jug full!
there were 4 jugs! right we did it and then at the end we were gigling and burping and needing a pee every 5 minuets and we were hyper! and my othere friend would be sat at her desk sayin 5,4,3,2,1 and we would be rushing of to the toilets and she would be like right on schedual!


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Posted 04 December 2007 - 05:27 PM ( #60 )

We were doing cursive and a classmate said "Oww.... Cursive hurts my hand T__T!" I said "Feel the Burn!" ;)
Today I was at the nurse and then these (i think 2nd graders) They were talking about Math, then one of the kids said "Whats 100+100?" and one of them said "1000!" I was about to say "200!"


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Posted 04 December 2007 - 05:42 PM ( #61 )

okay on sunday i lost my voice and of course i still had to go to school...
but today everyone was worried that my voice didnt come back by now but i wrote them sayin"its only been 2 days" but they still worried about. Anyways...during lunch today my friend came and sat next to me.(of course i had pencil and paper to write things) She kept tryin to scare me or try to make me talk but i couldnt say ANYTHING. And then all of a sudden this guy i really like sat next to me. I blushed and looked away. Then he satrted talkin and then he said a really bad cuss word,and i was about to stare him down. But when i looked at him..he was on the floor and covered in milk/ranch dressing/and cheese!! All of a sudden i got my voice back and he said "Haha i made you laugh..but now your in trouble! that was your food" I turned and looked at my plate and sure enough, all my food was gone!! (we ended up goin out for that!!)


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Posted 04 December 2007 - 05:59 PM ( #62 )

We did Egypt projects, and had a thing called "Night on The Nile" the other night. Everybody brought their Egypt projects into the library and the parents came by and we told them about our topic. My math teacher was video taping throughout the hour. So, somebody in my homebase dressed up as an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, but his chin-thingy (I don't know what to call it, Sorry xD) wouldn't stay on, so he had to hold it there. When my teacher video taped him, he let go of it for a second and said "WHOO", and right as he said it, it fell off. xD Then, today, we watched the video, and everybody was laughing. xD

One of my 'boyfriend's friends (actually, the one who told me about him 0__o) keeps doing that sign for "I'm watching you", and today he did it again in PE, so I said "STALKER!" and then he was like "Stop flirting with me!.. Disgusting.." Jokingly. xD Before the "I'm watching you" thing was "You know you want me" whenever he walked by. xD


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Posted 04 December 2007 - 07:52 PM ( #63 )

At lunch, Skyler was mocking my House obesession (He can't go a day without mocking it xD) So this is what he said "What would you do if you missed an episode of House? *I try to answer but he interrupts* Would you be like I'm sorry House. I have betrayed you. I love you House! *pretends to stab himself*" I couldn't stop laughing although he was mocking ME xD


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Posted 19 December 2007 - 07:55 PM ( #64 )

It was snowing and I was running w/ my BFFLs and my purse fell in the snow :blink:
Oh and at our Egypt Muesuem, I was on a Swivel Chair that went up & down and one of my partners said "Lucky...." and he pressed the lever.
And in Social Studie we are doing Greece and my BFFL was testing me with pictures and if i got it right I could draw, so i said it right and the word i drew was "Democracy" i drew Geogre Bush and a old lady yelling and a person saying "RAWr..."


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Posted 19 December 2007 - 09:35 PM ( #65 )

We all know we have one of those insanely hilarious moments at school we can't forget...Share them here!

1. Once, the person in the locker beside me saw the pic of the cast of House in my locker (It was just an avatar I printed off lol) and he was all "House sucks!" Then he said House makes out with himself xDDD

2. This one happened just today...we were lining up to come in from recess and one person in my class came up to me and was like "HOUSE!!! HOUSE!!!! HUGH LAURIE!!!! I LOVE HOUSE!!! CAN I BE ON AN EPISODE????!!!! HOUSEEEE!!!!!!!" Then I backed away from him slowly, but I can't stop laughing! Thne he was just like "...I'll go to the back of the line now" In a calm voice xD Then during computers we have to do a favourite TV show survey and the same person said "You're probably all like OMG! HOUSE!!!!! MY FAVOURITE SHOW IS HOUSE!!!!!! I LOVE YOU HOUSE!!!!!" O.o

3. Once at a field trip, me and my friends were climbing in a pile of wood chips xD

4. At math, someone wrote "Chase Rules" on the board and my teacher wrote "Pooh!" under it xD Then the girl that saits beside me turned around and started a conversation and he was like "Can you stop flirting with him during class?" and stuff like that, then the guy took his pencil case far from the corner of the desk and was like "NEVER TALK TO ME AGAIN!!" xD

theyre not that funny :l

LOL once our science teacher stanted dancing on the table. shes a looney
and sum1 let their pet frog go out in class and this girl was screaming soo loud <_<


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Posted 20 December 2007 - 06:44 PM ( #66 )

My music teahcer was playing Basket Case by Green Day on the guitar and he was like "It all keeps adding up, I'm think I'm cracking up, am I just paranoid..........I can't sing the next line" Then he played Bob The Builder and King Of The Hill xD

For art class, we're doing mosiacs where you rip peices of magazines certain colours to make pictures (FYI, I'm doing Homer holding up Spider Pig xD) and a person in my class found a Trauma Center: Second Opinion advertisement (ZOMG!!! A WHOLE PAGE OF TRAUMA CENTER! <33 lolz) so I hugged it as hard as I could then he tried to take it from me and I hissed at him..He ended up getting it but next class I ripped the page out and now it's hanging in my locker xD He also owes me a pic of Ed Belfour and the cast of House after an incident during Frnech class xD

During French, our teacher left the room so someone took a chalkboad brush and hit random peopel in the side of the face with it xD Then someone chased him across the room and out his shirt over his head.


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Posted 20 December 2007 - 07:15 PM ( #67 )

During our school Christmas concert, my friends and I were making fun of the kids performing [like quietly, like just playing around xD] and then my friend was like EEERAANGGG really loud, and the whole school stared at us.

Also during the other assembly we stood behind these parents with a baby since there weren't enough chairs for us, and for the whole time we were making faces and making the baby laugh. :3 Then it threw up..


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Posted 27 December 2007 - 01:30 PM ( #68 )

At the End of Special (Fri- Art) and my art teacher gave me my pastels project back, so i needed a rubber band and I couldn't find one and then I ask one of my teachers for a rubberband and then he gave me one and then all the sudden he sighs and blue pastels fly everywhere. XD

And we had a sub named Mr.Cote (pronouced: Coatee O_o; )
So I said "hey Mr. Cote (I said it like Coat ) can you check my work?" And my classmate's like "Its Coatee! "