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Funny Moments at School

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Posted 27 December 2007 - 01:56 PM ( #69 )

I was in school, and I will never forget this moment in my life! So here it goes:
I Hated this guy in my class and he kept picking on me in French class. So it was the end of french and i was just acting stupid and I said don't walk in my space, and what did he do? He walked in my space and the teacher came around and I tapped her on the shoulder and said, ''Can you get the Janitor to clean up the floor Kimeron ( that's the guy who bothers me ) stepped all over it'' and SHE SAID OK I WILL GET THE JANITOR. With her acsent
I was laughing I thought she would say ''don't be ridiculous'' in her funny acsent or something like that! Me and my friend were laughing and laughing LOL!
But I have to admit it was a Subsitute Teacher that sopke english funny :) Thats my funny school moment! ( I don't even know if she she understood me )



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Posted 27 December 2007 - 02:04 PM ( #70 )

OK, this year we were listening to this thing on tape, and then the voice was really low and slow like a robot about to break into a million little pieces. My whole class was cracking up, and I couldn't stop cracking up XD


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Posted 27 December 2007 - 02:50 PM ( #71 )

More. :3

We had an all school Holiday dance the day before break started. When I got there, it was hilarious because I walked up behind my boyfriend when him and his friends were talking about me. His friends were making fun of him, and Kyle jokingly asked if he could slow dance with me, and he just shrugged. xD So Kyle pushed past him and started slow dancing with me to Soulja Boy and everybody was looking at us weird. xDD
Then at the actual slow dance, I did dance with my boyfriend, and Kyle danced with one of his friends, making fun of us. xD

In art class, a few boys started having a sparkle fight. They walked around the rest of the day with silver, blue, and pink sparkles in their hair and on their clothes. xD

We were in homeroom and had some extra time, so the teacher gave us free time and turned the radio on while she went to make copies of something. Aisha got her cell phone out when they called for shout outs on the radio station, and so did everyone else. She kept getting denied, and she said "WHY DON'T THEY EVER PICK UP?!" And we heard it on the radio. xDD They had accepted her shout out, and she didn't realize it. Everybody cracked up laughing, and she was like "Oh, OH, umm.." And hung up. When Mrs. L came back in the room, we acted like nothing happened. xDD


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Posted 03 January 2008 - 05:35 PM ( #72 )

Today (lets call him T) So T said "WOW. Your purse is so BIG a CAT could fit in there!" I said "I would never do that!" And T tried to take my my purse and I was pretending to hit him, so then he gave up and started mocking me.

And today in Class I was talking to my friend who is a Claranet player and I said " Hey A, When I get my Oboe I'm gonna name my Oboe: Squishy A. Oboe! What did you name yours?" She said " Clarabell Claranet." My Recoders name is Recorda B-A-G Recorder XD


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Posted 14 January 2008 - 04:53 PM ( #73 )

In LA( or English) my sis and my friend were pretending to be characters from Courage The Cowardly Dog. I was Murriel's Husband so my friend was Courage and my sis was Murriel. So I was like "Silly Dog! You make me look bad!" then in the bathroom I said "BOOGA BOOGA!" my friend said "AGHH!" and my sis said "Ustes(sp?)!"


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Posted 14 January 2008 - 07:01 PM ( #74 )

Hayley yelled out "AHHH" really loud in math class because she couldn't get the answer to a problem so for the rest of the lesson we didn't ask for help we just screamed out "AHHH".

I opened up a word document and started writing the lyrics to the song Pressure by Paramore. The teacher walked past, read them and was like "Nice poetry Izzi"
It was annoying.

I ounched Katie for insulting Josh and Chrissie, then she pulled my hair and somwhow it was my foot that was bleeding O.o

Not very funny but they were weird moments.


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Posted 14 January 2008 - 07:55 PM ( #75 )

1. Caterpillars: Me and my friends created a caterpillar daycare. (Cee bought this mini dome thing) and we were catching caterpillars and she attempted to fling one into my hair off a stick and she whooped the stick down in my direction but guess what? The amazing acrobat flew straight up! It was hilairious and then we named one Earl and he jumped off a stick onto me and i threw him and the other one away and we tried to find him but then a gull came down and cee saw a caterpillar in its mouth and we knew earl had comitted suicide. xD we also had funerals.

2. Indiana: We would sometimes try to avoid recess coz it was funner inside so we joined library club and always got into the class first so the one time, i sat in a random desk with cee and a couple other people and mr boyechko (or b-hizzle LOL) walked in and loooked at us cause we were smiling "innocently" creepy and then he turned to go to his desk and i'm like "INDIANA!!!!" and he's just like "what?" and i'm like "nothing!"

3. Tornadoes: LA clas with mrs haesch was in computers one day typing up some stories or w/e they were and me and cee finished and were playing on art rage and i made something and started to play around with it making it look like tornadoes and i was going to whisper-yell to cee but i accidentally yelled out loud "TORNADOES!"

4. British Mice: We wer FORCED to watch flushed away at skool for music thingy and me and cee were talking and i randomly said in a british accent: "Stupid British and their British mice." but that wasnt meant as an offence to teh british. just real randomnes coming from an idiot who ODed on sugar.

5. Verbal: It was health class with mrs herbert (aka the dead lady) and she was telling us about verbal and non verbal communication and told us to make a chart with 'Verbal' and 'Non-Verbal' and while Cee was making her chart she was thinking the words as she wrote them but accidentally turned her thoughts into words when she yelled, "Verbal!" (Yes, we realy do blurt out a lot)

6. New names: Me and Cee (or Kataluka and Oksana) were looking at a condom found layin in the middle of the field and randomly nicknamed our friend Adam 'Condom' and then gave new names to ppl. Like Nkosi became 'Jesus Ezekiel Jesus'.

7. Robot: Adam (not Condom there are four adams) was acting like a robot and he was just fooling around while the teacher was out and he said loud enuff for the whole class to hear: "I...touch...my...self."

8. Randomness: Mrs Haesch was always late for LA cuz she was teh vice principal so we started talking (we as in the whole right side of the room) and somehow and innocent convo turned into a conversation about something like pubic hair and water.

9. I'm Falling, I'm Falling: Cee was fooling around at the top of the slide and Adam came (condom) and she was gonna pretend to push him but acidentaly did it for real. ow.

10. 256: Miss Gluwchynski (aka the big mouth lady) was teaching us math in gr 5 and she was helping us answer this problem solving thing and she's like ''the answer is 256'' and then when cee wrote that down she's like: "256!" in this creepy sily voice.

11. Bite: Cee bit our friend Shania at recess while playing football (Shania tackled her and she accidentaly bit her hand) and then the big mouth lady (tis grade 5 again) gave her a purple form (real bad. u get three ur suspended) just for that. wow. but it was funny cause shes like "I bit Shania" happily.

12. Clay: We were doing Book Club and were working on our final projects and there was my group (hegberg (chris), adam (robot), danielle, braedan and me) and christina's group were working in the library with out supervision ad christina chucked a piece of clay and it stuck on the wall, looking like a piece of stuck crap. we eventually took it off like two weeks later only to have braedan chuck it even higher on the wall.

13. Evil Monkey: I was always saying evil things to danisha and creeped her out so she started to call me the evil monkey in chris griffins closet. Twas real funny, grade six i mean.

Hmph.... seems like we did more idiotic stuff than homework. :ichigotchi:;;;

I'll think of the rest latahs. yup there is more.


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Posted 14 January 2008 - 08:15 PM ( #76 )

On the last day of school, student council stood up in front of the lunch room and was like: "Since the milk *Our school gives out milk at lunch* will expire this summer, you can have as much as you want!" Every single boy rushed up there and grabbed as much milk as they could carry! People kept drinking a ton of milk and one guy got sick...eww. Except for that part, it was REALLY funny! They all swarmed around the milk at once, LOL! I've got more, but I'll post them tomorrow.


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Posted 14 January 2008 - 08:33 PM ( #77 )

Once we were in class. The first day of school to be honest.

Science class our teacher was talking about weight. He had a "Brick" with him, and threw it at a stupid and yelled "CATCH THE BRICK!" Turned out to be a fake one, made of styrofoam! XD That was funneh!

Last year everyone was putting an A with a circle around it everywere in the 6th grade building. It meant @Hole...

Also in Health class weeks ago my friend had a special Naruto Shonen Jump. We made fun of each card listed in the book in some perverted way (4 boys and a girl=Me) Like the way Neji had his mouth open. And when we found a Ad for a Jirobo toy saying "Bend him forever and lean him over to make him pick up ground" We burst out laughing. God, we were doing it for 15 minutes right near the teacher XD

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Posted 14 January 2008 - 09:14 PM ( #78 )

Me and my friends have a lot of inside jokes. When we're at school, if we say them and just randomly start laughing at the word 'tree', 'carrot', 'waffle', or 'Willy Wonka', people seem to look at us weird. I wonder why... xDD
Same goes for our handshake.. Ending with 'SPIDERMAN!!'. xD

Instead of my regular PE hour, we all went to the keyboarding room.. We listened to two guest speakers talk about building our self-esteem. Near the middle of the slideshow they had put up, they put up a picture of Tiger Woods and said "Now, he didn't get where he is now by his brown eyes or his great smile." And somebody said, "He's on my cereal box!!" and everybody in the room cracked up laughing.


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Posted 15 January 2008 - 09:45 AM ( #79 )

ok well these are more like (funny) embaassing momnts and just funny moments:

1.we had an octoin in my class for a skate board and we used a process similar to the lotery,( tikets with numbers on them and if she chose ur numbers u get the prize) we kept playing and ppl were NOT winning so my teacher said "ok well we should stop now, we can continue later" and then my friend josh said "NOO dont stop now! im feeeeliin LUCKY!" witch was followed by a few giggles,so my teacher agreed and she did one more and...wha-da-ya-no? JOSH WON!i was SO FUNNY!

2. one time i was realy bored in school so,during class, i was playying with my lipgloss, i was fiddeling with the wrapper, and trying to pull the lable off cuzi was bored, eventually i ripped the whole thing off realy fast and the lip gloss,itself, flew across the room and bounced off three heads on its "jorney" to my teachers "behind" after ward EVRY ONE was staring at me, it was REALLY embarassing the but now i laugh


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Posted 15 January 2008 - 12:41 PM ( #80 )


1)In our last year of primary we put on a play of Macbeth and my mum came in and got the camera to record it...
It was okay until one kid forgot he was supposed to go on stage.A few minutes later someone told him and he legged it to the hall on the way he smacked straight into the hall doors and of the video you cam hear the massive smash when he hits it.

2)In drama a girl has to pick up a lad and put him over her shoulder.We were practising when suddenly the lad FARTED ON HER SHOULDER!!!!lol I was glad as in the group she always bosses us about so in the end it all worked out brilliantly. ^.^


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Posted 15 January 2008 - 03:16 PM ( #81 )

For science we have to build a house, and we have to have a profile of the family that lives in it, so my friend was asking for names. I suggested Chuck And Larry, since I jus wtached the movie the night before. Then she was like "OKAY! Chuck and Larry!...Chuck got a sex change." xD


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Posted 15 January 2008 - 05:20 PM ( #82 )

Again I was acting like Murriel's husband from CTCD! But Today was different! I said "SILLY DOG YOU MAKE ME LOOK BAD!" I put her pencil case over my face a say "ABOGGA WOOGA!" she says "AGHHH!" then Mr.H said "hey A time for Band" then when she came back I said "Hey Courage, how was band?"

And last week in Gym I had to bring my lunch box so I was walking and then my gym teacher dropped his keys! I'm like "oops! Sorry Mr.N!" my gym teacher said "Ak." O_O

I was in the Main Office and... Wanna know what I saw?! Expired Skippy! The peanut Butter was expired from Nov.10 07! :lol:

In Peacemakers Club we had to draw a symbol for what WE think peace is she said "You can EVEN DRAW A CHICKEN WING!" I drew a flower and a rainbow. Someone drew a shoe. I was about to draw a Mushroom >w<

In Social Studies we had to watch THIS VERY boring Arizona Smith movie my friend was bored so she drew Arizona Smith saying "HELLLLO" to some rocks w/ doors! I drew a stick fig. family! XD

In LA I said "i wanna vote for Obama because he's HAWT!" and a classmate said "Hmph! You just wanna vote for Obama cause he's good looking..."

My BFFL (AKA Courage) said to a subsitute "Hi Mr.Coatee! Your cute!! <3" I think my Music teacher is hawt! :'D

And for EdLine I clicked on my Spanish Class and it was in Spanish :o and they say LUNCH is a class It says "WELCOME TO LUNCH." For Social Studies it say "Presidents of teh united states." for Spanish it says "BIENVENIDOS A LA CLASE DE ESPANOL"

Haha EDLINE is funny!


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Posted 16 January 2008 - 05:15 PM ( #83 )

On Monday, we had to watch this movie called Bye Bye Birde so this lady was in her undies and other women too O_O;

Today in Gym my BFFl was acting silly so I said "Mr.Ne--- I mean Amanda!" II told her "Amanda I almost callled you Mr.N!" She like "I'm MRS N!" Then I slapped her playfully with the arm of my coat! XD


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Posted 16 January 2008 - 05:28 PM ( #84 )

Some boys got in a fight on the bus....It was funny :3

Today in class, my friend Kael was like "TenTen's hot hot hot" After I laughed because my teacher said 10...10. Then he asked me to draw a picture of TenTen in a swimsuit....with her clut line showing. I gagged, drew it and I almost puked XD It was fun though. He snatched it when I gave it to him after school.... XD


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Posted 16 January 2008 - 07:35 PM ( #85 )

Today at lunch, a lot of people bought this really spicy chicken.. And all I had was crackers and a water bottle. So a guy at my table ran out of his drink and was still eating, and it was really spicy, so he grabbed my water bottle and drank out of it (after I already had. Gross, but it got funny..). After that, we were kind of freaked out, then another boy at my table came up and they told him water happened, and he was like "I want some" and then drank out of it too. A girl at my table started laughing, saying that he technically just frenched me, and all he said was "Yummy." xDD It was so funny afterwards.. But I refused to drink my water bottle near them anymore... xD