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January 2008 Contest

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Posted 02 January 2008 - 08:07 AM ( #1 )

The TamaTalk contest for January 2008 will be an information scavenger hunt.

Contest deadline for entries is: January 27, 2008*

The contest winner will be announced: February 1, 2008*

(1) All entries must be submitted by the deadline.*
(2) One entry per person. (Do not send additional entries requesting previous entries be deleted.)
[* Note: the time zone used for contests will be USA Central Time Zone.]

Who is eligible to enter: All TamaTalk members. (TamaTalk staff can also enter, but are ineligible to win.)

Judges: myself. The winning entry will be drawn at random from those entries with the highest number of correct answers to the questions listed under the Your Quest heading below. (You might not want to help each other find the answers - it will only decrease your chances of winning.)

Prize: There will be a prize for first place only. The member submitting the winning entry will win a TamaTalk Angelgotchi membership. (Click here for more information about TamaTalk Angelgotchi.)

How to submit your entry: send a PM to me with the subject line "January Contest Entry", containing your list of answers. Please arrange your answers by question number, and use one line per answer, like this:
1. 42
2. greenish-purple
3. Mametchi in the parlor with a candlestick
4. http://www.tamatalk....howtopic=130963

Note: my PM inbox is not infinitely large. I will attempt to keep it from overflowing, but in the event of it filling up with a last minute rush on January 27, only those entries which actually make it into my inbox will be accepted. (Translation: don't wait until the last minute to submit your entry.)

Your Quest

(1) What is Mametchi's IQ?

(2) We all know her as Makiko, but that's not her real name. What is her real name?

(3) What is the Tamagotchi King's cell phone number?

(4) In which year were Tamagotchis first sold?

(5) Which Tamagotchi model is (or was) available with a glow-in-the-dark shell design?

(6) On the Connection V3, what's the souvenir you can get for travelling to Australia?

(7) What is the model number of the battery (or batteries) used in the Tamagotchi Ocean?

(8) How many icons are there in the row at the top of the screen on a Tamagotchi Connection V2?

(9) What does a Decotchi look like? Provide a link (URL) to a picture of one.

(10) What is TamaTalk's fax number?

(11) What color is the March 2007 geocache? (Hint: it's here on TamaTalk.)

(12) Click here to see a picture. What Tamagotchi character is this?

(13) What's the name of the person credited as being the creator of the Tamagotchi?

(14) Which model Tamagotchi featured a blue-and-white display (instead of black-and-white)?

(15) Click here to see a picture. What Tamagotchi model is this?

(16) What is the highest number of Gotchi Points that a Tamagotchi Connection V3 character can win in a single game of Bump?

(17) If I could be any Tamagotchi character who would I be? (Hint: it's here on TamaTalk. No, it's not Mametchi. P.S. don't even think about sending me a PM asking for the answer.)

(18) Who is the champ of "Falldown 2"? (Hint: it's here on TamaTalk.)

(19) List all the destinations your Tamagotchi Connection V4 character can go to, using the travel tickets.

(20) What is Mametchi's pet's name?

Good luck and have fun.

(Yes, I will list the correct answers after the contest is over.)






02 Jan 2008