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Posted 10 January 2008 - 03:11 PM ( #1 )

We have unfortunately, encountered a few instances where members have attempted to use TamaTalk as a way of scamming others into providing unused Webkiz codes or free Webkinz items they already have collected as a "trade".

In many cases, they are newer TamaTalk members. In some cases their Webkinz name may match that of another TamaTalk member.

Please don't get scammed. Be suspicious of all offers like this.

Things to report on TamaTalk:

1. Any post that claims to be Webkinz staff, ex-staff or family, asking your details/codes to "get free secret items" or "claim a prize" etc.

2. Any post that offers to trade items with you. You send them your item and when received, they will send you the item they are offering.
Remember, once you have sent them an item, you have no way of making them send you the item they promised.

3. Any post that claims something like "I promise this is for real and is not a scam"

4. Any post that asks you to help other Webkinz users by sending items to them for free as donations.

If You Suspect a Scam:

Press the "report!" button found at the bottom right hand of every post immediately (orange ! triangle)
Alternatively, PM a guide with a link to the offending post!

TamaTalk members who attempt to scam others on this site are not welcome and are not to be trusted.






10 Jan 2008