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The Squid V5 Log

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Posted 05 January 2013 - 12:09 PM ( #681 )

Hey guys! Remember me? Do you? Huh? Huh?

So the whole "new Tama-Go log" thing didn't work out--by the time my first generation mated and had a baby I was completely bored with the Tama-Go.

Remember that? I had this whole plan where I would be SO involved with it and I had this whole new notebook and online log ready and I was posting about it on YouTube...and the continuing just never happened.

See, there was nothing to do on the Tama-Go for me but play the games from the figurines which costed money I don't have. None of my friends had the Tama-Go (hey, we were all 15-16 so that's not surprising) so I didn't have anyone to connect with (and the whole "connection" part with other people who live in my town was the whole reason I managed to raise 10 generations on the V1 back in 2005). And then it was just such a bulky thing to be carrying around! I'll always love how the Tamagotchi Connections were extremely portable (and you could hang them around your neck with a lanyard and you didn't look like a complete idiot).

So why am I posting now? Just for kicks?

Yes and no.

Remember like halfway through this log's extremely active time I forced my dad to buy a V3 off of Amazon just for the heck of it? (Or was it supposed to be a birthday present? I'm not sure but I'll look it up when I'm done with this.) Well, over Christmas break when I was picking up casing for my new technology (like the iPad which I am currently typing this entry on), I stopped by Radio Shack and picked up a Tamagotchi battery.

I've decided to reactivate that V3!

But why that V3?
The V1 is probably dead and I don't want to risk ruining the fact that I have 10G on there.
I have no one to mate with my oldie on the V2 (he's like, flipping 63 or something). Plus, it's kinda boring because all you do is buy items.
I've already kinda put a stop and close to my little V4/V4.5 log notebook, so I don't want to restart those again because I'll feel obligated to put down every detail--it's something I don't have time for. Also, I don't have time to work for all those skill points!
Both V5s and MIA plus I'll feel obligated to put down every detail on this log.
Tama-Go...we've already discussed that.
I also have another V3 but that contains my 5th grade childhood so I don't feel like tampering with that.

The newer V3 just seems the best choice!
Only 1 generation and I've never used it so I have really nothing to lose in my book.
No logs I've officially committed it too.
Simple enough where all I have to do is make sure it's healthy and I'm good (don't have to worry about getting it to college! That's a worry for ME!).
It's got the whole TamaTown aspect so I'm not completely bored with it (I can focus on collecting all the souvenirs!).
Buttons function! Yay!
It's portable enough for me.

But yeah. I've had it going for like a week now. I have my little Mimitchi pouch inside of my school bag so I can take it to school with me.
It's funny. My mom heard the beeping in the car when it was dark night one night, and she knew it was a Tamagotchi and started making fun of me ("are you serious right now?").

So I currently have my little guy, Puppy! He grew up into a Mametchi (big surprise, right? Half of my characters on V1, V2, V3, and V4 were some sort of Mametchi). He married today and he had a little boy, which I plan to name Jerid!

I really hope he doesn't become a Mametchi. So sick of those. :P

So I was hoping to lightly log about my little V3, just for myself in the future when I finally print out this whole log I have here and put it inside my special V5 notebook scrapbook I made to showcase all of my little Tamagotchi adventures I've had.

I'll only post about morphings and such and a celebratory post when I finally get all of the souvenirs. :)

Thanks for reading! Sorry this isn't the same as before but I hope you guys will still enjoy the log!


Squidward is Cool

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Posted 08 January 2013 - 02:05 PM ( #682 )

Woo! So I thought that now would be a cool time to post a lil update!

So yesterday, Puppy left little Jerid behind and I had to keep him on pause all morning cause I had classes. Then during gym class I decided to have Jerid running while I did my thing. I admit I was a pretty awful parent during that time, but hey, he's still alive now!

I showed my gym teacher lil' Jerid, and the whole concept weirded her out because she's never really heard of a Tamagotchi before. The whole "your Tamagotchi poops on the floor and you have to clean up after it yourself" concept didn't make so much sense to her, haha!

Then right in front of my face as I was explaining the concept to her, Jerid morphed into a Mohitamatchi and I kinda just ignored her for 2 seconds while I was watching my little guy transform.

Then today I figured out how to blindly feed a Tamagotchi in my pocket during film class. That was fun. (You tend to memorize every button after a good 8 years of frequently playing.)

Then today in English I pull out my little guy out of my pocket to see that Jerid became a Young Mimitchi!

And my friend kept calling me weird today for having a Tamagotchi, but she said it was in a good way and that she's always wanted one.

Yay for awkward blog posts...

Squidward is Cool

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Posted 13 January 2013 - 03:49 PM ( #683 )

So little Jerid became a Decotchi!

We've had our good times. Like that time in gym class I put Jerid in time out (for no reason) as a demonstration to a lower classment because I was explaining to her and my gym teacher how ridiculous Tamagotchis are.

I'm an odd parent, I know.

But I sent him on a little trip to Switzerland! I got him his little skiis! And I tried to enter in Puppy's Chile visit code into the toy (I was too lazy to do it while Puppy was still actually here) and it didn't work! There are code generators, right? I will be using that for this one trip because I am frustrated.

Jerid's paused right now because I've been constantly forgetting to check on him lately. I keep fearing for his death (because apparently after 6 "care misses" or something your Tamagotchi dies) so I'm just gonna only keep him unpaused in the night until he's old enough to mate.

Also, I keep having nightmares about Tamagotchis. Everytime I start playing with one I have constant Tamagotchi horror nightmares.

I do not know why I am still playing with them, honestly...

Squidward is Cool

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Posted 28 January 2013 - 11:09 AM ( #684 )

So Jerid had a baby girl, who I named Onus (which means "burden" ahahaha). She morphed into a Kuchitamatchi and then to a Obotchi today.

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Posted 29 March 2013 - 11:09 AM ( #685 )

So I got bored of the V3 and deactivated it. :P

But I recently got the Tamagotchi Life app for iOS!

This is my lil baby!

This is him now as a toddler!

This is him excited that he POOPED ON THE FLIPPING CARPET. DX

His current stats!

And his newly full training bar!

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