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February 2008 Contest

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Posted 01 February 2008 - 06:26 AM ( #1 )

The TamaTalk contest for February 2008 will be a drawing contest.

This month's theme is: Design our Senior TamaTalk Guides badge. (Click here to see an example of a badge. That's TamaTalk Guides badge.)

Contest deadline for entries is: February 24, 2008*

The contest winner will be announced: March 1, 2008*

Rules: All entries must...
(1) be 100% original art work that you've created yourself.
(2) show the phrase "Senior TamaTalk Guides"
(3) be no larger than 120 x 100 pixels. (Click here to see a template. All entries must fit within the black border. You can right-click on the template and select Save Picture As... to copy the template to your computer. If you use the template to aide your drawing, please erase the border before submitting your entry.)
(4) be submitted in .BMP, .PNG, or .JPG format
(5) be submitted by the deadline.*
[* Note: the time zone used for contests will be USA Central Time Zone.]

Multiple submissions: You can submit more than one entry. (But please remember, we're judging on quality not quantity.)

Who is elegible to enter: All TamaTalk members. (TamaTalk staff can also enter, and are elegible to win.)

Judges: TamaTalk staff will be voting on the entries as anonymous submissions. Only I will know which members made which submissions. We have used this process in the past, and believe it does not give any advantage to staff who enter the contest.

Prize: There will be a prize for first place only. The member submitting the winning entry will win a TamaTalk Angelgotchi membership. (Click here for more information about TamaTalk Angelgotchi.)

How to submit your entry: Send it as an attachment in an email to badgecontest@tamatalk.com with the subject line "February Contest Entry" Don't forget to write your TamaTalk username in the email.






01 Feb 2008