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Cheating ...

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Posted 18 June 2008 - 03:58 AM ( #61 )

CAN EVERY ONE READ THIS PLEASE. ok now i know how you all feal but stop making your selfs sad. Cheating its a bad force that makes your life easyer but if you are a good [force] kid then you realise what you did. When you put the cheat codes , your tamagotchi understunts it and it makes it sad to with out you noticeing it so the only way to make things right is to get your tamagotchi in your hand and say ' I am realy sorry, I love you'. Coz reseting it is not a good way to settle stuff coz you are like killing it. I hope that helped and anyone who realy liked my speach then send me a email.

Yours trully


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Posted 18 June 2008 - 04:34 AM ( #62 )

MUST READ. Coz now i read all the replys i got abit angry , sorry. But i have to say this. Tamagotchis were made for lots of reazons. One of them is for the kids to learn how to take care of stuff and be more responsible and to get ready when they get older. So whats the point with putting cheats? Cheats just do all the work and you dont get the meaning in taking care of a pet. And some people say that you got to take risk for your tamagotchi. LIERS. Taking risk is about being a good owner not taking risk for cheating. ANYONE AGREES WITH ME SAY ' AMEN ' So if you cheat why even bother getting a tamagotchi . ANOTHER AMEN. Tamagotchi is for kids that want to be good citizens when they grow up. 'AMEN'. Tamagotchi pets should not be cheated like that 'AMEN'

And by the way if you want to do something about cheating then eveyone make topics about ' NO CHEAT CODES IN V6 OR V7' or 'CHEATS MEAN BAD' anything. AMEN.

And if anyone likes my idea, every time you do a topic about no cheating put my name in it AMEN.



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Posted 18 June 2008 - 05:20 PM ( #63 )


AMEN! :(


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Posted 19 June 2008 - 01:45 PM ( #64 )

If I may toss my thoughts into the mix.

Tamagotchi is not a game, nor a competition. In this way, there really is no such thing as "cheating". I believe Tamagotchi's are, more or less, things we are given options for different ways of play. You can spend hours playing a game online to get the money to buy an item, or you can punch in the code that gives you the same item for free. You can spend a week trying to get a specific character, or just crack the back open and get that character in less than half an hour.

Nobody should tell you how to play with your plastic egg. It's yours, not theirs. :blink:

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