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Tamagotchi V5 Guide.

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Posted 31 March 2008 - 05:56 PM ( #1 )

Welcome! To The Tamagotchi v5 ( guide!

Starting your Familitchi up!

When you first Un-Tab your tamagotchi v5 , you will see three characters. The middle one will be the biggest. The machine will make a BEEP noise and you will see "wait". So what do you do ? You wait. Then , you will set the time, date , and birth date like all the other versions.
For those who don't know how to do this , i will explain the buttons, etc. Button a is used to scroll icons and numbers . B is to select or say "yes". C is to say "no" or "go back". Once you know these buttons , it should be easier to set the time date and etc.
Once you do that , it will ask something new. Something it does not ask the other versions. It will ask you to name your family. As long as you don't reset your Tama , your family name will always be the same. when you choose the family name , three eggs will appear on the screen. they have hearts on them, where as the v1 , v2 , v3 , v4 , and v4.5 don't. They will start out as a blended Family. There are three types of baby which can be either male or female . They can not be the same type , nor the same gender. The two oldest will always be a boy or a girl who will grow up to be in the same group when they evolve into adults.


Feeding Meals and Snacks..
To feed your tamagotchi , go to the second icon. Its is a smiley face with a chef's hat.You have two choices between a meal and snack. Meals fill up hunger hearts and snack fill up happy hearts. Some foods with "sparkles" around them increase hearts by more than 1. Examples are : the ginger bread church , the fried egg and the mushroom.
Feeding your characters to many snacks can make them sick ( we will talk about medicine later ). When you start your v5 up , you already have fried rice and bread in meals , and a lolly pop and donut in snacks. you can have unlimited of both.


Family Status

Like the other versions. your tama will have a satus. but this one is a little differnt. As usual , you will see the heart meters.Example:
Hungry: ♥♥♥♥♥

Unlinke the other versions , your tama has 5 hearts to fill instead of four.
Make sure these hearts are filled at all times to keep your tama healthy.
After that , it will show your tamas bonds. You can bond by training ( shown later ). Depending on how much bonds you have , the C button animation changes. You earn bonding by 10%. Every 20% the animation will change.

0-10% - They will look at each other and have a question mark.
20%-30% - The middle tama will come up close to the screen
40%-50% - they will all run , and they will all fall. Then they will luagh.
60%-70%- The middle one will kiss the two on the side and the two on the side will kiss the middle one. they will each have a heart above them. then all three hearts will join together and become one big heart ( personally one of my favorites )
80-100%- everyone 9 all of the family members ) go up to the screen.

Under that it will say blendid family ( if ur on your first gen ). you can have a "smart" family , an "easy-going" family , or a " cheerful " family , depending on how you trained them ( training after this )

After that on the next page , it will show what generation you are on , how much "points" you have , and your family name. with points , you can buy things . Just like the other versions. On the next 3 pages your characters will be shown individually. Showing what character , and what role it plays in the family ( daughter , mom , son , etc )



Training is way different in the Familitchi. At times of 10:00 am , 12:00 pm , 2:00 pm , 4:00 pm , and 6:00 pm. Your Tamas will make a little " jungle tune " and call for TRAINING. When they do this , a question mark will be displayed over their heads. Go to the Smiley icon with the speech bubble ( icon # 6 ) and click it ( B ). Choose one of the following icons. They will be different. 2 are activities and 2 music. The first one is Smart , the second one is Cheerful , and the last one is easy going. These determine which character they turn into. Click here for more information on that =]Training increases bonding .


The "potty" or Toilet

That is the third icon. usually , your tama will poo after you feed it. it will also go to the bathroom at random times. Clean it up by using the toilet icon. Sometimes, if you look at your tamagotchis at the right time , you can catch them looking " disturbed" . Go to the toilet icon. One of them will sit on The ducky potty or the regular toilet ( depending on what stage they are in ). the one using the bathroom is the one who needs to go. if you don't catch them using the bathroom , then when they poop , it will make a beep noise ( which I find kinda funny , like a fart , lol ^^ ) You wont here it if the sound is off/


Sound , Time/date , and Contrast

The sound can easily be turned off/on by pressing A and C at the same time.
The time and date comes up quicker than any other versions. Just push B when none of the icons are highlighted. To change the time or Date , push a combination of C and A when it is on the time/date screen
When you are on the time and date screen , you can change the contrast by pushing C and B. It makes the screen lighter and darker. Turning the contrast lower save battery.



there are 4 games. You cant play the 3rd and 4th one till your on the second Generation.
here is how you play them all

Tv Surfing

A tamagotchi will be displayed on the upper right side . When the matching character appears on the television , press B. if you miss , then you loose.
press C to exit the game

Tea time

When the cups are facing up use the buttons to pour the tea. A pours tea into the left cup and B pours it into the right cup. Press C to exit. If you pour it at the wrong time or in the wrong cup , then you loose. sometimes no cups will be facing up or sometimes they both will be.

Golf putt

When the arrow is in the right position press the A or B buttons to hit the ball!
Hit the ball correctly 30 times to win! Bonding is raised and you earn 100G!!
- If you hit the ball incorrectly, possibly hitting the father, it's game over!

-Shoe Match Game

Use the A or B buttons to match the shoes! (
!- Match the shoes correctly 20 times to win! Bonding is raised and you earn 100G!!
Match the shoes incorrectly and it's game over.


Connection , Tamatown , Codes

to connect got to the heart icon ( first row , far right ). Push V5 . Unfortunatley , v5 can only connect with v5s. ) You can either marry or play games. You have to be an adult to marry.
im not sure how to play the connection games. sorry

PC- thats tama town! Enter a code in tama town. To receive items/points you played there , enter the log out code.

Special - Get items that you would usually buy , for free Click here for binarys codes :)

Treasure chest

It includes items - what you can use
Rare - what you can use
Souviners- what you can look at
and Medicine - to heal your tama when its sick.

some items/rares have sparkle around them , they increase your tama's happiness !
When you have parent , and your tama is sick , the parents will come on the screen and give them meds! You tama will shake their head if you give them medication when they are not sick.


The shop keeper is different.
Now , instead of 4 items in the shop , you can have 5.
the sad this is that the shop restocks at random times. so go into the shop prepared , because if you leave to go make points , when you come back , it might not be there!
this cost more in the V5 i notice . and you can only get 100 points in the games , which makes it challenging.


memory/ friends

This shows who's you've connected with
and your past characters.
your tamas will only show up in your memo if they've died , ( i think )
on your friends , there is different levels in friend ship. Your tamas can fall in love. thats when you ask " marry?"


Travel show , dating show

The travel show is more like pause. but now , your tamas can atleast have fun ^^
now , the dating show.
If your tama trys to go on the dating show , the match maker ( ms.Busybody ) , will get mad. You can go on the dating show 48 hours after you(ur tamas) evolve into and adult.

You get to pick which tama you decided to mary. it dose not have to be the first born/main character ;)
once you pick the mate , the character you chose to mary will say good by to his or her siblings
the sibs will go to tama planet .the tams you married will become parent and produce new eggs o_o"

Random Animations xD

At times , random animations have been reported

- first born raiding the fridge
- parent kissing
-parent vaccuming
- dad watching tv with son or daughter


pressing the C button can make certain things happening depending on Bond.

How to get a pure family

You need to raise a mametchi , memetchi , kuchipatchi , or violetchi.
The mametchi needs to mary a Chantochi , the memetchi needs to mary a mumutchi , the kuchipatchi needs to marry a yonepatchi , and the violetchi needs to marry a Sukatchi. They all need to have 100% bonding. Once that is done correctly , they will evolve into parent and produce 2 eggs . after one hour ( when the babies evolve ) , they become an official pure family . A second gen can only be mantained by marrying the first born. The family bet will show up in button C animations

Large family , small family , ninja family

Large family - You get a large family if you overfeed your family.
Small family - you get a small family if you under-feed your family.
Ninja family - If you neglect your family , they become the ninja family.

to turn your familys back to normal familys
( credit to Binary on this one ;) )

Large Family back to Normal Family
balance biscuit

Small / Petite Family back to Normal Family
magnifying glass

Ninja Family back to Normal Family
steamed bun

Some items can be used to change one character into another.

Change Hatsugatchi into KuroMametchi
sesame pudding

Change Watatchi into Makiko
girl's dresser


Familitchi character chart
Adult to parents chart

Cheat codes.
1,00 gotchi points for free
All the items for free

I'd like to thank Tama - Zone , and Tama talk for the links...
- A.M.S102

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Posted 01 April 2008 - 11:46 AM ( #2 )

Absolutley fantastic!

Now everyone can have a good look at this and have no problems! <_<

Well done, this has alot of effort put in it. :furawatchi:

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Posted 01 April 2008 - 12:22 PM ( #3 )

Wow! I can see that alot of effort was put into this!! This is very good!



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Posted 01 April 2008 - 12:43 PM ( #4 )

Nice work!

Gotchi Boy94

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Posted 01 April 2008 - 03:32 PM ( #5 )

This is awesome! Thank you for the tip! I will use this, and did you make this up yourself? It must have taken a long time! Good job.



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Posted 03 April 2008 - 01:30 PM ( #6 )

Thank you everyone for your comments. Yes I made it myself.
I ued knowledge I found out from other webs though


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Posted 03 April 2008 - 02:30 PM ( #7 )

Wow this is very nice and it looks like you dedicated a lot of time to this. I definetly came in handy at some points. Good Job!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!


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Posted 04 April 2008 - 07:49 AM ( #8 )

Do you have to use both items to turn a bad care family back to normal? Or just 1?


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Posted 04 April 2008 - 12:06 PM ( #9 )

Do you have to use both items to turn a bad care family back to normal? Or just 1?

Just one of them! :puroperatchi:


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Posted 04 April 2008 - 01:53 PM ( #10 )

Thanks for answering for me


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Posted 05 April 2008 - 12:52 PM ( #11 )

yay, thanks for da advice!


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Posted 05 April 2008 - 05:10 PM ( #12 )

Just one of them! ;)

Ok, thx. That's good, 'cause I have an item just incase I get a bad family........


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Posted 05 April 2008 - 09:44 PM ( #13 )

One of the things in there is wrong. The cheerful, easygoing, or smart family comes after you mate them. It's not how you raise them. If you get a member from the Smart family state (say, Hatugatchi), mate with a member of a Smart family state with over 50% bonds, you get a Smart family. I got a cheerful family, and had cheerful family members. Other than that, your guide is most helpful and neat!


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Posted 21 April 2008 - 10:57 AM ( #14 )

It is really a great guide !
Merci !

I have V5 european version familitchi connexion.
It helps me a lot !

I have Sukatchi in the middle. The other ones are mametchi and memetchi. Can i still get a pure family ?
I have a 1st generation 100% bond blended family.

tama 3445521508

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Posted 21 April 2008 - 04:33 PM ( #15 )

Wow! Thats a really nice guide! I never even knew some of that stuff! Thank you sooo much! :wub:

<3 ~~Loola~~ <3


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Posted 27 April 2008 - 03:49 AM ( #16 )

im sorry but you have the right characters to get a pure family, but your in the 1st generation you have to be in the 2nd generation to get one


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Posted 27 April 2008 - 08:04 AM ( #17 )

Is that the only guide you have, or can you get a shorter and simpler guide, but still it's good and I can read it