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When do they go home?

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Posted 09 September 2004 - 11:10 AM ( #1 )

Okay my Tamagotchi never found romance and never mated. At nine years old he turned into an old foagie Mr. Busybody, but he is going on 24 and still hasn't gone home. He has been around twice as long I read he should have been and now he's just wasteing my battery life. Does anyone know when old Tama's actually go home or am I stuck with ugly old Mr. Busybody forever? :rolleyes: Please advise.

-Copper in despair






09 Sep 2004

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Posted 09 September 2004 - 11:14 AM ( #2 )

I'm not going to try to be rude, just set something straight. First of all, there IS a Mrs. Busy body, but she's the matchmaker that comes if your tama doesn't find a mate. And are you sure your tama is an old man? I've never heard of them living that long... hmm... I don't know what to tell ya...

Aubrey Hepburn

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Posted 09 September 2004 - 11:33 AM ( #3 )

As far as age goes, I recently had an old man(Ojitchi) and an old woman(Otokitchi) breed at ages 19 and 17, so apparently they can live a long time. The old woman(Otokitchi) is, in fact, Ms. Busybody, but she behaves just like any other Tamagotchi character when you are her caretaker. There is no such thing as a Mr. Busybody, instead, he is just a cute little old man, and one of my favorite characters!



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Posted 10 September 2004 - 02:26 PM ( #4 )

I just called him Mr. Busybody because that what other people were calling him on here. I didn't know the technical name. And obviously I'm not insane or a liar because others have the old guy and old lady too. So does my brother! Are you saying yours both mated even though they were the old characters? If this is the case maybe I can mate mine off cuz he looks really lonely :unsure: