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September 2008 Contest

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Posted 07 September 2008 - 04:53 PM ( #1 )

I found this picture in a Japanese book. I'm not sure what the original dialog is, but I'm sure you can provide something interesting.

Contest deadline for entries is: September 27, 2008

The contest winner will be announced: October 1, 2008

[1] The usual TamaTalk rules about inappropriate content also apply.
[2] Members can submit more than one entry, but please remember, we're judging on quality, not quantity.
[3] Entries must be submitted by the deadline. The time zone used for contests will be USA Central Time Zone.

Prize: There will be a prize for first place only. The member submitting the winning entry will win their choice of one of these Tamagotchis.

Judges: TamaTalk staff.

Who is eligible to enter: All TamaTalk members. (TamaTalk staff can also enter, but are ineligible to win.)

How to enter: Send it as plain text in the body of an email to badgecontest@tamatalk.com with the subject line "September Contest Entry"
Don't forget to include your TamaTalk username in the email.

Young Mametchi: Thank you for helping me with my homework.
Mametchi: Homework? Oops! We'll get to that later. Right now I'm trying to think of an idea for the September contest.






07 Sep 2008

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09 Sep 2008


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Posted 09 September 2008 - 06:45 AM ( #2 )

Here are all the entries received before the deadline.
Note: the numbers that appear below are index numbers; based roughly on the order the entries were received. They are not an indication of ranking.

(1) glowtama
young mametchi:Mametchi you're so sweet to help me with this weird homework.
Mametchi:Ummm..you're welcome :wub:. Uhhhh...this is really hard young mametchi.. I need help!!

(2) tamaluver4088
Young Mametchi: "This is a really cool lesson! I like learning about angles and shapes."
Mametchi: "... and this is how you draw a 30 degree angle with a protractor. Now let's learn how to draw a 110 degree angle with this protractor."

(3) Madi2
Young mametchi: Mametchi, Can you draw me a ruler-like-thing-thats-shaped-like-a-triangle?
Mametchi: Nu... Nu... No! That's inpossible! I can only draw these. *Points to drawing*

(4) Madi2
Young Mametchi: Can I have by desk back? Its very expensive.
Mametchi: Heres $0.01. Can I buy it?

(5) Madi2
Young Mametchi: Your Pretty.
Mametchi: I know but you have no chance of evolving into a Mametchi.

(6) meowbark
Young Mametchi: Lulz, Whatcha doin mamatechi? Makin math?
Mametchi: no I making a triangle, y else u think I haz protractor? to scratch my butt? ;D

(7) violetchi_garden
Young Mametchi: Why are you rushing!?
Mametchi: I'm drawing a picture for the August contest! There's not much time left!
Young Mametchi: Um, it ended a while ago.
Mametchi: Oh.

(8) v3v3v3
Young Mametchi: Big brother, you're so good at that! How do you do it?
Mametchi: All it takes is practice. (Hours after hours of it....)

(9) MusicIsTehBomb
Young Mametchi: Don't forget- there's still that English assignment!
Mametchi: How much homework do you HAVE?

(10) Firecracker
Young Mametchi: Big brother, your amazing! i wanna be just like you when i grow up
Mametchi: One day you will be as smart as me! (Mametchi whispers: And don't forget to study like i did)

(11) On sen Moguratchi
Young Mametchi : Mametchi, mom said you must help her make food for dinner. I'm hunggry...
Mametchi : Wait, I have many homework, and tomorow I have a math test. I must study !

(12) sarah8
Young Mametchi:I'm hungrey
Mametchi:Sorry I can't get dinner I'm doing the Tamatalk contest and a bit busy.
Young Mametchi:I love tamatalk and Admin is the best!!!
Mametchi:Me too and I complement Binary,Tamamum and jappz

(13) lainabug01
Young mametchi: Big brother! What is that house your making?
Mametchi: That's not a house!! it's a moose!

(14) Madi2
Young Mametchi: Can I borrow your triangle-shaped ruler?
Mametchi: I don't have one, Sorry Young Mametchi!

(15) Madi2
Young Mametchi: Why are you smarter than me?
Mametchi: Because you said so.

(16) Madi2
Young Mametchi: Hi Mametchi!
Mametchi: *Stands on desk* HI! I HAVE JUST CHANGED MY NAME TO PINKY CUTIE BUN. Ow! (Mametchis head toches the light)

(17) v3v3v3
Young Mametchi: I love you so much, I love you so much, I love you so much....
Mametchi: Sorry, but that's not going to get me to do the rest of your homework.

(18) Boshia
Young Memetchi:"...Nope, you forgot a window here, a door there, the bookcase right here, we're in this room, not that one......"
Memetchi: "Wait a second, one at a time!! I'm not as smart as most Tamas think I am!!"

(19) ~Christail~
Young Mametchi: Oh wow, Mametchi! Your maths is ever sooo neat! Whenever I try, it's messy and Mr Turtle can't read it.
Mametchi: Really! I had that issue too, Mr Turtle would get up me for messy maths and then I just kept doing it and got really neat. Just you wait. You'll be a neat writer too!

(20) iTamaDude
Young Mametchi: Thanks for helping me do my math homework
Mametchi: ohhh this is math i thought is was supposed to be drawing a house...
Young Mametchi: >.>; your weird...maybe you were adopted B)

(21) Tsarina Anastacia
Young Mametchi: Dad, what is that horrible smell?
Mametchi: Im trying to make a new pie flavour . . . Broccoli and Brussel sprouts.

(22) jaamarti
Young Mametchi: Oooooooooooo That looks just like the castle! What is that for? It is very detailed with secret passages and trap doors.
Mamaetchi: I am tired of waiting to evolve so I am planning how to storm the castle and become KING!

(23) Surfer_Girl
Young Mametchi: Mame! Why is are you drawing a picture of Memetchi? B)
Mametchi: Hehe, what drawing?? *scribbles picture* hehe...*sweatdrops*

(24) IMyTama
Young Mametchi: Hey that squirrel is cute!
Mametchi: So if I fire the duck in Ichigotchi's garden i can.. Huh What!?!

(25) DeathBunny~
Young Mametchi: 'Watcha Doing? 'Watcha Doing? 'Watcha Doing? :3
Mametchi: I'm Working On The September Contest.
Young Mametchi: What's That? What's That? What's That? :3
Mametchi: :P;;; Where's The Off Switch?

(26) violetchi_garden
Young Mametchi:*bangs on computer screen* Hey narator! Hurry up and think of somthing for us to say!
Mametchi:Yes please do! I'm running out of ideas for the script! *scribbles paper*

(27) tamablues
Mametchi: I've got It!!! The answer is 1,943,028,456,716,458,737,490,167,480,538!
Young Mametchi: Thanks!! I'll tell my teacher all you have to do is ask a scientist.

(28) tenniswinner
Mametchi: Look son, a square!
Young Mametchi: Daddy, you're a genious!

(29) RikkusFaith
Mametchi: Young Mametchi! what are you doing home so early?! I was uhh..just doing some home work..yeah..:sweats:
Young Mametchi: No you weren't, you were drawing a picture of you and Memetchi getting married! <3

(30) RikkusFaith
Young Mametchi: Big brother why are doing your math homework on Mamametchi's grocery list?
Mametchi: Eh?!...oh..oh no...

(31) RikkusFaith
Young Mametchi: Big brother where do babies come from?
Mametchi: uhmmmm...uhh can we talk about this when you're a big mametchi?

(32) RikkusFaith
Young Mametchi: Big brother have you and Memetchi-Sempai ever kissed? <3
Mametchi: What?! Kissed!? uhh umm n-no we're just friends! uhm..don't you have something else to do??

(33) free2dream
Mametchi: You DO NOT want to be me. Trust me!
Young Memetchi: Really?

(34) arensum
Papa Mametchi:How's it going in school?
Mametchi:Papa..!!Shhh...My Art Class Teacher want me to think of an idea for my~September Contest~

(35) VyLynn84
Young Mametchi: What are you doing?
Mametchi: I am drawing myself. In the Tamagotchi I am so small.
Tsk Tsk, What were they thinking?

(36) VyLynn84
Young Mametchi: What are you doing with that ruler?
Mametchi: Measuring. They say that the camera adds 10 pounds, do you think the Tamagotchi screen does too?
Young Mametchi: You are so vain.
Mametchi: It comes with the fame.

(37) tamagotchi_best79
Young mametchi: I thought your doctor said you need more exercise? You should go for a jog or something.
Mametchi: I can barely move my hand to draw a line! Look at how I'm sweating! And you want me to go outside.

(38) tamagotchi_fan180
Mametchi: Whew! Your homework is hard! But I'll know that you are happy, so I'm doing it to see your great big smile!
Young Mamatchi: Yeah....thanks....could you do my essay after you are done with my math?

(39) Tama 3445521508
Young Mametchi: Hey, you know that girl you like? Ya, she's at the door asking for you.
Mametchi: What?!?! HELP ME FINISH THIS!

(40) Charleene
Mametchi: Hey, come here for a second.... I've almost finished our plans for taking over the world!
Young Mametchi: But....we live in a piece of plastic...how is that going to work?

(41) Charleene
Young Mametchi: I love Triangles, we are learning about them in Preschool!
Mametchi: This is a protractor little buddy, and it has helped me alot! Look, here is our new escape route for getting out of this tamagotchi!

(42) Charleene
Young Mametchi: Whats that funny triangle thing for?
Mametchi: Its for disecting little brothers who dont leave big brothers alone so they can do their homework. . . .

(43) 0437152700
young mametchi: wow that looks really fun mametchi is it homework? because i like it.
mametchi: no not homework im trying really hard to write something for the september contest.
young mametchi: oh ok why are you using a protractor? and why is there a picture of memetchi? do you like her?
mametchi: ooops i got a bit caried away i think i should start again. (how can i be this stupid?) grrrr.
young mametchi: its ok if you like memetchi i have a little bit of a cruch on young memetchi.
mametchi: stop talking about them i need an idea for the september contest QUICKLY.
young mametchi: what is that why is there a picture of memetchi and you.
mametchi: huh what no its not. its my homework. *scribble scribble*

(44) crazy cris
Young Mametchi: what ya doing?
Mametchi: working on my plains for this Halloween! he he! will u help me?

(45) Diamond-Phantoms
Young Mametchi: I wanna be a teacher just like you when I grow up!
Mametchi:...You DO go to school right?

(46) IndianWind1500
mametchi: as you see when 4 is to the 2 power you get 16. and to make a right angle you go this way and then this way... are you still with me? hello?...
Young mametchi: huh? oh yeah something about 4.
mametchi: *sigh*

(47) Xiandier
Young Mametchi: Pie! Did you say Pie? I love Pie! I want some Pie! Yummy cherry pie, peach pie, apple pie, and especially tamaberry pie!(Drools)
Mametchi: I did not say PIE! I said Pythagorean theorem! I'm trying to work on my Geometry homework! And please don't try to eat it again, the whole "My little brother ate my homework" excuse is getting old!

(48) TamagotchiV2Boi
Young Mametchi: I like homework!
Mametchi: Yea...umm...me too?

(49) TamagotchiV2Boi
Young Mametchi: What is 17/19 divided by 3/16?
Mametchi: Umm.....hehe.....4?

(50) TamagotchiV2Boi
Young Mametchi: Keep going, keep going, you can do it!!!
Mametchi: Don't you think your homework is a BIT hard?

(51) Tama 3445521508
Young Mametchi: Daddy? What is Mommy wearing in that pic-
Mametchi: Umm...! *covers with triangle* don't you have to be in bed or something?!

(52) coolygirl910
Young Mametchi : Thank you for helping me draw a triangle in my art book.
Mametchi: Your welcome. Hey want to draw other different shapes?

(53) mimitchi_rocks13579
Young Mametchi: Will you play with me?
Mametchi: No, I have to finish this before my date with Mimitchi!
*doorbell rings*
Young Mametchi: You done yet?

(54) uras r us
Young mametchi: "can i have help with my homework?"
Mametchi: "okay if you can get me a straight ruler and a pencil' a new sheet of paper... Blah Blah Blah..."
Young mametchi: "nevermind i can do it myself jerk!"
Mametchi: "works every time!"

(55) punk__gurl
young mametchi: big brudduh can yuu buy me a tama?
mametchi: after homework... learning how to make tamagotchi...

(56) TamagotchiV2Boi
Young Mametchi: Keep going, keep going, you can do it!!!
Mametchi: Don't you think your homework is a BIT hard?

(57) Vicky Liu
Young Mametchi: "Daddy, can you play Tama-Princesses with me?"
Mametchi: "Uh....*quickly gets out protractor*.....I have to do my math homework!"

(58) ?
Young Mametchi: Mametchi wach'a doin' with thing?
Mametchi: designing a doll house for Chamametchi she got all A's in pre-school and i promised her i would do this for her if she got all A's
Young Mametchi: o darn i was hopeing that you were going to go to the pool with me and mamametchi
Mametchi: Bye Young Mametchi

(59) nintendogs11
Young Mametchi: Your rushing! My Homework needs to be neat!
Mametchi: Sorry! I'm doing the best i can!
Young Mametchi: Ok... Sorry for yelling...
Mamatchi: It's ok. i know im sloppy.. and... done!
Young mametchi: Thanks! I hate math!
Mametchi: No Problem!

(60) violetchi_garden
Mametchi: i drew a horsey! im sew kewl!!! blahhhhhh
Young Mametchi: Oh my gosh! Your suffering from wierdo-itus! You need to see a doctor immediately!

(61) I Can has tamagotchi?
Young Mametchi: We can play now, right???
Mametchi: Yes!! One last line...

(62) Tchi~Tchi
Young Mametchi: Ooooh!What is that? It looks fun!
Mametchi: It's math homework. And actually it is kinda fun if you know how to do it right.
Young mametchi: Great!I want to practice! But i might need your help.
Mametchi: well than, lets get started!
*Minutes later...*
Mametchi: So,how are you doing so far?
Young mametchi: I'm doing great! Wanna see?
Mametchi: Oh! Thats fantastic! I guess you get the hang of things very easily,don't you?
Young mametchi: I guess I do!I wanna grow up to be just like you! *Hugs mametchi*
Mametchi: I bet you will if you work hard enough! Just believe!
Young mametchi: Yeah! I'm gonna work hard and believe!
Mametchi: Thats the spirit! Good night mametchi!

(63) violetchi_garden
Young Mametchi: I'm so exited! We are going to the beach tomorrow!
Mametchi: I'm drawing a picture of a sand castle we'll make there.
Young Mametchi: How about we border the towers with shells?
Mametchi: That sounds great!
Young Mametchi: Will you stop by the store and buy some castle making stuff?
Mametchi: Sure! This is going to be the best summer ever!
Young Mametchi: It's my bed time now. Good night Mametchi!
Mametchi: Good night Young Mametchi!

(64) Anglechi
Young Mametchi: 'Watcha doing?
Mametchi: Drawing shapes to get intelligence points and evolve into Tensaitchi!

(65) Pikachi
Mametchi: "Must... connect... the dots... with... straight lines!"
Young Mametchi: "Oh, really? It's a connect-the-dots thing? I thought that it was homework..."

(66) Erlina
Young Mametchi:Hey whatcha doin?
Mametchi: Im Drawing something for the 2010 olimpic games

(67) loraineybaby
Young mametchi: "Ooh thats a pretty picture!!
Mametchi: "Um, I'm dissecting Owl pellets"

(68) loraineybaby
Young mametchi: "Can I see picture?"
Mametchi: *shows picture* Do not tell mom. hehe
Young Mametchi: That looks like Mommy!Cept all fat!"
(from other room) Mom: "What did you say?!!"

(69) kupatchithelover
Young Mametchi: Daddy you're so smart!!! How do you remember all of this math?
Mametchi: First you take the protracter, and then you...........um.............uh..........

(70) TamagotchiV2Boi
Young Mametchi: Are you gaining weight?
Mametchi: Hehe...let's not talk about that. Let's get started on that math homework of yours.

(71) NCIS
young mametchi : Wow! You sure know your maths mummy!
mametchi: This is maths!?!?!

(72) becki
Young Mametchi: Mametchi, look! I'm evolving!
Mametchi: Can't you wait? The new V6 is coming out soon and I've almost cracked all the shopping channel codes!

(73) Shade in the Shadow
Mametchi: You better pay me for this. It's hard!
Young Mametchi: Pay? Who ever said anything about being paid?

(74) Shade in the Shadow
Young Mametchi: A Plus, here I come... Hehehe...
Mametchi: What was that?

(75) Shade in the Shadow
Young Mametchi: Ah, so THAT'S the answer to that problem... Thanks, I had problems with that one. How about the next?
Mametchi: Yeah, that was tricky. Thenex one? What, am I grading it or something?

(76) munches96
Young mametchi: I'll do all your chores and make dinner if you do my homework for me.
Mametchi: Um...no
Young mametchi: Oh, pwetty pwease, with a chewwy on top?
Mametchi: No, I need to get some ideas for the September 2008 contest @ tamatalk.
Young mametchi: I'll give you next months allowance.
Mametchi: Fine!
Young mametchi: Hurray! That'll give me time to work on an entry for the contest.

(77) madi2
Young mametchi: Hi! I went to the role play forum on tamatalk and...
Mametchi: The evil mametchi?! WHAT? ME? No...

(78) madi2
Young Mametchi: Hi Mametchi! V5 is coming out!
Mametchi: Crap! This research I di on V5 is pointless! Everyone will have V6 and not care about pathetic V5 stuff!

(79) Vicky Liu
Mametchi: *huff huff* "Ok....so pi equals 3.14159265358......"
Young Mametchi: "Pi? You mean PIE, don't you? There's a giant apple-flavoured PIE stuck on the back of your head!"

(80) GotchiGirl96
Young Mametchi: Mametchi, I love you.
Mametchi: What?! What?! Whaaaaat?!
Young Mametchi: Why are you sweating?
Mametchi: This homework is IMPOSSIBLE!
Young Mametchi: Are you ignoring me?
Mametchi: How am I supposed to draw a SQUARE with this thing?
Young Mametchi: Mametchi, I love you.
Mametchi: What?!
Young Mametchi: Here we go again. Argh! Just forget it. *walks away*
Mametchi: I knew I could get him to leave sooner or later...
Young Mametchi: *comes back* What was that?
Mametchi: What?!
Young Mametchi: That's what I thought you said.... *leaves again*
Mametchi: Mwa ha ha! *drawing triangle*

(81) glowtama
Young Mametchi: Are you doing homework?
Mametchi: uhhh..YES!
Young Mametchi: Hey its a love note!
Mametchi: No it's NOT! *sweats*
Young Mametchi: What are you writing?And why are you sweating?
Mametchi: Nothing!*Writes I love You* And Im not sweating!
Young Mametchi: Riightttt.....

(82) neimo
Young Mametchi: "Do you think Mr Turtle will mind you helping me with my homework?"
Mametchi: "Of course not dear... But what will he make of my Star Destroyer?! mwahaha! Take that, Rebel alliance! pew pew pew pew!"

(83) neimo
Young Mametchi: 'Wow, you're really good at using that protractor, will you teach me?'
Mametchi: "I'd love to teach you little one, but it's not a protractor. It's a set square."

(84) sanasuhail
Young Memetchi: Wow! You are sooo good at this!
Memetchi: Umm... I'm just drawing a triangle!
young memetchi: so I can do this too?
Memetchi: Sure! come on! Take a try!
Young memetchi: YAY! :D I did it! you are the best big brother!'
memetchi: :ph34r: Thanks! *blush*

(85) darkredphantomx
Young Mametchi: Whoa! Three minutes! You beat my record! The smell is making me dizzy! You're my hero!!!
Mametchi: C'mon I'm trying to finish your homework here! Uhh... now divide the leg adjacent from the hypotenuse and...

(86) BlackPaw_27
Young Mametchi: Hey, sis! Whatch doing?
Mametchi: *frustrated voice* Your homework.

(87) TamaPATCHI
Young Mametchi: Wow, thanks a lot for doing my homework, Mametchi!
Mametchi: Remember, I'm only doing this because you got me the complete set of the World Encyclopedias.
Young Mametchi: Tee heeee

(88) samjam
young mematchi: Hey!Can you let me borrow your DS??
Mematchi: Yeah!for 100 dallors and an idea for the semtember contest!

(89) Gingie
Young Mametchi: Mametchiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii... (In a very annoying whiny way) Can you play with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?
Mametchi: Uh... I'm just a little busy right now! (Note to self: Chuck him in the bin on my next opportunity!)

(90) TamagotchiGurl18
Young Mametchi: Mametchi! Violetchi is at the door! She's wondering if she can copy your math homework...
Mametchi: Tell her she can come right in and copy it! must finish math! MUST FINISH MATH!

(91) Vicky Liu
Mametchi: *huff huff huff* Must...finish....geometry drawing......
Young Mametchi: .....Daddy, why is there a picture of you in a DRESS on the back of your head?

(92) Vicky Liu
Young Mametchi: *sniff* WAHH! I got a C- on my geometry homework! And the Parent-Teacher Conference is tommorow!!
Mametchi: Yikes! I'd better do your homework before your teacher blames me!
Young Mametchi: (Yay!)

(93) *jenny*
young mematchi: Hi.Can you help me on my ideas for the september contest??
mametchi: Yea! For an idea for the september contest!

(94) yr1231
young mametchi: *smiles sweetly* Hey Mametchi!! Do you need anything? a drink? a pencil sharpener?
mametchi: *sighs* what have you done?
young mametchi: I didn't mean to! Honestly! All I did was....
mamechi: All you did was...
young mametchi: Well, I... I ate your valentines chocs from memetchi. By accident! *sprints out of room*

(95) sanasuhail
Young Memetchi: Wow! You are sooo good at this!
Memetchi: Umm... I'm just drawing a triangle!
young memetchi: so I can do this too?
Memetchi: Sure! come on! Take a try!
Young memetchi: YAY! laugh.gif I did it! you are the best big brother!'
memetchi: smile.gif Thanks! *blush*

(96) glowtama
Young Mametchi: Hey big brother I have a question.
Mametchi: Not now, I am busy.
Young Mametchi: But..I just wanted to...
Mametchi: I said I'm busy!!
Young Mametchi: Fine then! I guess I won't tell you what Memetchi sent you and I'll hide it!
Mametchi: What did she write? Where is it? Young Mametchi!!
Young Mametchi: *Runs away and hides*
Mametchi: o//o. Awww Mannn...

(97) Tama_Mama27
Mametchi: "Hurry! We have to get the posters up!"
Young Mametchi: "You look pretty when you sweat..."

(98) Tama_Mama27
Younge Mametchi: "Why are you rushing?! Stop! You're making my homework look sloppy!"
Mametchi: "The girls volleyball game is going on soon!"
Younge Mametchi: "In that case; HURRY UP! STOP GOING SO SLOW, WE DON'T HAVE ALL DAY!

(99) Tama_Mama27
Mametchi: "What grade are you in that this homework is so hard?!"
Younge Mametchi: "Um..Dad, I'm in second grade..."

(100) Tama_Mama27
Younge Mametchi: "Thanks for helping me with my homework! You're the best big brother ever!"
Mametchi: "Um...yeah...help. Sure. No problem, kid. (Mumbles to self:) Haha, poor kid won't know what hit em' when he gets an F- on his homework! I'm so bad.

(101) V4tamaluvr
Young Mametchi: I love you.
Mametchi: Uh...are you from V1 or something? Young Mametchi is supposed to be a guy!
Young Mametchi: *Keeps staring at him*
Mametchi: Gah! Um...heh...heh...GAH! *Stares straight down at a triangle he drew*

(102) UraKuroMametchi
Young Mametchi: Wow, you are so smart!
Mametchi: How did you get into my room???

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