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Keep your tamagotchi from the teachers

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Posted 11 December 2011 - 09:19 AM ( #181 )

I've always been able to play my Tamas during school. It's very simple once you get the hang of it, even with a Tamagotchi Color.
One thing you should always do is leave a pocket of your backpack open during class. If a teacher walks by, or it seems like you're going to get in trouble, stuff the Tama in there and pull out some chapstick/hand sanitizer or something and use that. I've been doing that since about 3rd Grade.
I'm in 7th Grade now, and I've still never been caught. It's pretty funny; I get weird stares from people and still nobody cares.
And I agree with Angeell_loveya; the best times to play are breaks.


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Posted 11 December 2011 - 06:54 PM ( #182 )

If your teacher is nice the just ask him/her if you can bring Tamas to school. This has worked for me and my friend CH!KA. We can now bring our Tamas to class and they are perfectly safe. :) Cause our teacher is a ninja.