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Keep your tamagotchi from the teachers

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Posted 21 February 2010 - 04:19 AM ( #35 )

Last year I decided to ask my teacher if I could bring a tamagotchi to school (I would anyway bring it whatever she said) and she had never heard of a tamagotchi! I told her it was a kind of electronic pet and she had this look on her face telling me she felt like a saint, when she with the sweetest honey voice told me it was okay if it didn't disturb at lessions, I tried to match her saint-like look and said thanks alot with a sheepish smile stuck on my face...
She probably wouldn't have said yes if she knew what tamagotchis really was and what the results of a sweet little yes could mean, cos I play with my tams under my desk! MUHAhahahahahaaa... :angry: :ph34r: :P :) :o :o


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Posted 22 February 2010 - 08:44 PM ( #36 )

I live in Australia so I'm not exactly sure how old you are but if you have a locker you should have them all and alternate them during different classes.
The most you can prpobably hide in a pencil case etc. is two or three, so you have either five or four in a locker. Before your next class make sure they're all well fed and everything (I'm going to call the tamgotchi's numbers 1-7 so it is easier to understand, for the example I'm going to pretend you have two in a pencil case).

What to do:

Tamagotchi 3-7 are safely in a locker with the sound off with full hunger and happiness.

Tamagotchi 1 & 2 and in a pencil case with their sound off with full hunger and happiness.

Every so often pretend that you are getting a pencil out of your pencil case and feed them (if they are unhappy do not play games with them, feed them snacks - you can work off the weight some other time).

Before next class quickly feed every tama so they have full health and hunger and take the next two tamagotchi's (3 and 4) out and put them in your pencil case with their sound off with full hunger and happiness.

Every so often pretend that you are getting a pencil out of your pencil case and feed them (if they are unhappy do not play games with them, feed them snacks - you can work off the weight some other time).

And keep repeating, alternating tamagotchi's through out the day. You should be able to fill hunger and happiness at the start and end of recess/lunch which should keep them happy.

Do not:
worry about checking on them every single second (they can easily lose one or two hearts isn't much and can easily be cured. it will not get them sick, they do not need to be checked every five minutes)
tell anybody (nobody at all should know, people have big mouths)
keep them on one lanyard/key chain (keep them separate, they are easier to keep hidden that way)
bring a baby tamagotchi to school (they are high maintenance and call on you very often, you will NEED to put this tamagotchi on pause, it doesnt matter if it is one or two hours late in growing up)
Play games with a tamagotchi during class (jerking hand movements are easy give aways.)

This should help you a bit,
~ shishi :(


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Posted 26 February 2010 - 10:38 PM ( #37 )

I've been bringing my Tamagotchi's to school since 6th grade,(I'm in 10th grade now) and I've only been caught twice.

Here's some things I've learned:

-If you're watching a movie in class one day, and you or one of your friends has a small flashlight, and you think, "I should check on my Tamagotchi!", DON'T DO IT. That's how me and my friend got caught one time. She got out her Tamagotchi, and a few minutes later the teacher walked over and was like, "What is that?" and my friend said, "Uh.. a Tamagotchi. :D :D ". She got it taken up and got a detention.

-The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to change the time so that they sleep all day but still grow older. Just keep them in your pocket/purse/locker and then wake them up when you get home and play with them while you do your homework or watch TV. Or just leave them at home if you dont want to lose them.

-Pencil boxes are the BEST. Especially a sort of deep one that covers your Tamagotchi completely when you open it. That way, you can open your pencil box once in a while and check on it without taking it out. Just hit the buttons while it lays flat in the box! Another good tip, is if you can choose where you want to sit, sit all the way at the back at one of the corners of the classroom. That way, you can easily check on your tamagotchi without anyone seeing you. And if people start to look at you, use a notebook for cover. Hoodies with big pouches at the front work good, too.

-For girls, the easiest thing to do is get a big deep purse and reach in and take care of your Tamagotchi that way. Everyone will just think you're trying to find a pen or something. Or sometimes, a scarf can be used as a good barrier between you and the teacher. You can put your scarf on the desk and put your hands on top of it and the teacher wont suspect anything.

-ALWAYS TURN THE SOUND OFF. If you find out the sound is on, sitting on your Tamagotchi will help muffle the sound and you'll be able to turn it off without anyone noticing. Just don't sit down too hard ;)

-One thing I used to do, when I wore big jackets or hoodies, was I used to keep the Tamagotchi in my sleeve, and whip it out under my desk and usually no one would notice.

I hope this helps :P


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Posted 28 February 2010 - 03:03 AM ( #38 )

ya that would totly work if i dident cange classes and all my teaches hate me


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Posted 01 March 2010 - 09:30 AM ( #39 )

My friend Alice brought her tama to school one day, checked on it every 10 minutes, and she never got caught, not once. Most of our teachers wouldn't take our tamas away anyway. Mobile phones are banned at our school, but they don't get taken away even when they go off in lessons, and people often get away with coming in late.

I have excatly same situation! My teachers do not care. :rolleyes:

And I have done my pencil case myself so I've done a little pocket for my tama. The pocket is hidden, so if I open my full pencil case, nobody sees it! ;) And I take care of it at recess, in my pencil case or in my pocket. Never been caught! Couple times I've forgotten to turn sounds off but I still didn't get caught. B)

Rika Furude

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Posted 01 March 2010 - 07:29 PM ( #40 )

Man, I feel great that my teachers honestly do not care about my Tamagotchis.
At my high school, we are forced to wear lanyards with a school ID on them, ( failure to wear them is punishable by Saturday detention and a five dollar fine to get a new ID, seeing as you can't even walk into your class without it. <_< ) and I just wear my Tamagotchis around mine (with the sound off), along with my house key and such.

My teachers just don't care.
Nor did they care in sixth, seventh, eighth, or ninth grade. I'm in tenth grade now.

(Of course, there was that one time in seventh grade where a friend of mine had his own Tamagotchi but forgot to turn the sound off... It went off when I was in the restroom and everyone blamed it on me. Nothing happened though.)

I don't need a pencil case, or my locker, or a bag, or a pocket, or anything. I just set it on my desk and play with it.

I'm able to get away with texting in my jacket pocket, too.

Of course, it helps that my teachers aren't looking. :u

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Posted 10 March 2010 - 02:05 PM ( #41 )

i go to secondary iam in year 7 and i have a blazer with inside pockets that can hide it so i can play on it also i do that with my phone lol


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Posted 10 March 2010 - 02:49 PM ( #42 )

I remember in elementary school I would sit in class and my BFF and I would connect them when the teacher was at their desk. One time (we were in 5th grade) one of the kids (who was one of our enemies) told the subsitute teacher that we were playing with a toy. She came over and we literally tossed our tamagotchis in the desk and made it look like we were doing our work, and we got away with it :o
Other than that close call, we never got in trouble!


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Posted 13 March 2010 - 11:03 AM ( #43 )

My school was INSANELY strict about that stuff. I just keep mine in my pockets, with the sound off.


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Posted 23 March 2010 - 01:22 PM ( #44 )

If you want to bring it that badly, here are some suggestions......

Put it in your desk and turn the sound off. ;) :lol: Then when the teacher says like, "GEt your math out!" Reach in your desk and check on it. Keep your desk fairly messy but not so messy that the teacher will make you redo all of your work, and clean it out with her?his supervision......just enough so that it can be hidden in the crevaces of your desk and you are the only one who can find it. At recess put it in your front pocket of your pants, prefferably, don't wear low riders because then the Tamgotchi will pop out. :D If your pockets are too tight, don't put it there, because your pants will press on the buttons, and possibly turn the sound back on! :o :o (It happened to me, and I didn't realize untill in the middle of science when the matchmaker came! :) It wasn't pretty. The teacher went pshycho and to this day is constantly spying on me! ;) ) Anyway, if your pockets are too tight, put it in your boot, on top of your toes in the left shoe. If you are walking funny, don't say you tripped and your leg hurts because then the teachers will send you to the office to get it exaimined. ;) That happened to me too, and now teachers are like slipping microphones into my desk and hiding cameras in the halls :D :P ;) just kidding..... Say that you have a mosquito bite on your foot, but it's fine, and it actually doesn't hurt anymore. Then walk carefully to your locker and slip it in the bottom part where some kids hide old sandwiches they forgot to eat. ;) :furawatchi: This is just a last resort if you keep getting caught. The other ways are much easier to do, but occasionally you will get caught.

PS: Try to get a camoflage, or dark coloured tama if you plan on sneaking it to school.


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Posted 28 March 2010 - 10:33 AM ( #45 )

anyway at my old primary school (dont know wat americans call it im british) EVERYONE took them in and whatnot and at break it was trading stuff and visiting people all the time and then they got banned and everyone forgot about them and i recently found mine in my room put a new battery in it and its now a toddler!

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Posted 28 March 2010 - 04:31 PM ( #46 )

I doubt I'll bring my tama to school. The teachers are very very strict and have a hissy everytime you reach into your bag to grab an eraser....plus I'd probably lose mine. Keeping it in my locker sounds like the safest idea but home would probably be the best.

I just put batteries in mine yesterday and I haven't been able to stop playing with them since.


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Posted 04 April 2010 - 12:31 PM ( #47 )

:P I bring mine to school all the time. I keep them in my desk, but I ask to go the bathroom every class and check them. One time, I got carried away in the bathroom and played with them the whole time. My teacher freaked and thought I was constipated or something like that. :P


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Posted 04 April 2010 - 01:21 PM ( #48 )

Good times.... I remeber when I was in 5th grade with my tama v4.5 or v4 Mrs Cotrell(old teacher) when tell me to put it away xD Me and my friend Austin would be playing them all the time. My friend Marco got his taken away and she didint let him put it on pause and it died. Im in 7th grade now. I always play with them in class(sound off of course) my teachers dont really care. But I can read something and remember it for awhile. Im cool like that. so I never really worry about tests and stuff. I wont worry a lot till 9th grade.


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Posted 04 April 2010 - 09:57 PM ( #49 )

have you tried taking a thick book (like harry potter...) (OR MAY I SUGGEST TWILIGHT) and cutting a hollow in the center (leaving some pages in the front and in the back) and putting your tama in it?? i would think that that would be rather effective..though i hav never tried it. you could be "reading" during class and no one would notice:) i would suggest turning the page every few minutes just to be legit.


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Posted 05 April 2010 - 04:28 AM ( #50 )

I never got caught for detention, but sometimes yes. The best thing to do is put the tama on a thingy round ur neck and if ur desk is higher than the tama, u can check it when ur teacher isn't looking. Once this year, my friend accidently reseted my tama and it beeped alot.. I started to fix it, but no-one noticed! :mametchi: lol! But my teacher saw me playing with it afterwards and she still let me have it in class, but never took it away.

Once when I was at tutor, I had the sound on and I was trying to turn the sound off and the class was quite, I didn't get to but it beeped alot (when I pressed the C button on my V.5). But the funny thing was that my teacher didn't notice it, but instead a kid did and he didn't tell on me! And he noticed it again when it was 10:00am for trainning! LOL! :lol: :furawatchi:

And once when I was in year 3, my teacher let my friends and i play with them in spare time! She didn't care! LOl! :D :D :furawatchi:

TamaTalk U.F.O

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Posted 11 April 2010 - 01:09 PM ( #51 )

Cool! To be honest I haven't brought my tama to school... yet.
But that's because I got it in the holidays.
The only problem is that here, most of the teacher have very sharp eyes. And if they see you playing something this is what happens:
1. If your lucky:
They will just tell you to put it in your drawers(and don't touch them).
2. If your unlucky:
They get taked away, and your not allowed to touch it until the end of school.
3. If your VERY unlucky :( :
They get taked away, and your not allowed to touch it until the end of school. AND the teachers forget where they put them. And...
It's lost. :( :( :(
But in a few days you'll probably find it.

Im, considering as my school has a cloakroom,
I could put it in my bag to pause it (and feed it beforehand) .
Then at break/lunch I'd get them out of my bag play with them a few minutes, and make sure it's fine and pause it.
End of school:
Take it out of my bag un-pause it.
Everything is back to normal!
Thanks those of you who posted tips! :( :( :(