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The 12 Days of Tamagotchi

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Posted 13 December 2008 - 10:28 AM ( #1 )

A partridge in a pear tree? Who wants that?! We think people want something better for Christmas. Something that beeps. Something that is new... Something that is super cool. Something like.. A Tamagotchi Music Star! But wait. Why stop at ONE Music Star?! We've worked out a contest where we are giving away TWELVE! :blink: That's right. We'll be giving away one Tamagotchi Music Star (v6) every day for twelve days. The 12 Days of Tamagotchi is sure to be a fun way to lead up to the holidays (and it gives a much better chance of winning a Music Star of your very own).

The contest begins Saturday, December 13. How do you win? Answer a question. We will be posting a new question relating to the Tamagotchi Music Star and the new Music City. There will be one question posted every day for twelve days. Find the answer to the question and send a PM to 12Days with the answer. All correct answers for the day will be entered into the daily drawing.

Who can enter the contest? Anyone. Everyone. :D

How many times can I enter? You can enter one time for each question... So you get a total of twelve chances to enter.

What time will new questions be posted? I will try to have new questions posted before 10:00am Central Standard Time. There may be some days where this is a little earlier or later... But I will do my best to stick with that time. :D

How are the winners selected? The winner for each day will be selected randomly from all entries for the day. The most important part is get your entry in before the next question is posted every time!

How many times can I win? You can win one Music Star... Be nice. :P

Are there any restrictions? Unfortunately yes. Only people with USA mailing addresses can win. :blink: Sorry.

The 12 Days of Tamagotchi contest is now over...

Congrats to all 12 of our winners!
Didn't win a free Tamagotchi dring this contest? Keep checking back. We are hoping to have more great contests throughout 2009! :D

Check out the list of winners

Have questions or comments about this contest? Post them here!

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Posted 25 December 2008 - 09:59 PM ( #2 )

Last chance to enter! The final winner will be announced in the morning (12 hours from now) :furawatchi: