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January 2009 Contest

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Posted 04 January 2009 - 07:58 AM ( #1 )

The TamaTalk contest for January 2009 will be to find 9 misplaced Tamagotchis.

Contest deadline for entries is: January 27, 2009*

The contest winner will be announced: February 1, 2009*

(1) All entries must be submitted by the deadline.*
(2) One entry per person. (Do not send additional entries requesting previous entries be deleted.)
[* Note: the time zone used for contests will be USA Central Time Zone.]

Who is eligible to enter: All TamaTalk members. (TamaTalk staff can also enter, but are ineligible to win.)

Judges: myself. The winning entry will be drawn at random from those entries with the highest number of correct answers.

Prize: There will be a prize for first place only. The member submitting the winning entry will win a TamaTalk Angelgotchi membership. (Click here for more information about TamaTalk Angelgotchi.)

How to play and submit your entry: Click each of the 9 links below to see an image.
click to see image 1
click to see image 2
click to see image 3
click to see image 4
click to see image 5
click to see image 6
click to see image 7
click to see image 8
click to see image 9
Find the shown Tamagotchi toy within the grid area. Send a PM to me with the subject line "January Contest Entry", containing your list of location coordinates. Please arrange your answers by image number, and use one line per answer, like this:
1: D 2
2: A 1
3: D 3

Note: my PM inbox is not infinitely large. I will attempt to keep it from overflowing, but in the event of it filling up with a last minute rush on January 27, only those entries which actually make it into my inbox will be accepted. (Translation: don't wait until the last minute to submit your entry.)






04 Jan 2009